Tuesday, 21 August 2012

AeroSoft Corp Welcome new Bloggers with us. Sonam Keshari, Er Neha Godbole, Shilpa Rawat

AeroSoft Corp Welcome new Bloggers with us.

Sonam Keshari (B.COM,PGDM) 
HR Management Trainee

Sonam Keshari is from Indore. Sonam born and brought up Varanasi a Holy city of lord Shiva Utter Pradesh. My background is Human Resources. I have completed my graduation from School of Management Sciences Varanasi in B.com and now I m pursuing PGDM from Indore Indira Business Schoolin indore.
She is working at AeroSoft for HR Manager as traniee and providing HR services for job purpose in aviation. My hobby is cooking to making delious dish and dancing. Her goal is to become a good HR Manager in top most company and She is internet addicted She like to writing a blog and share interesting things with her friends...Sonam believes that providing a Job in time of global recession which gives her so much of job satisfaction too.

Sonam Keshari (B.COM,PGDM)
On Line Assistence :
Gtalk : sonam1.aerosoft@gmail.com
Y! Messenger : sonam.aeroSoft@yahoo.com
Rediff Bol : AeroSoft.sonam@rediffmail.com
MSN : sonam.AeroSoft@hotmail.com
Facebook :sonam1.aerosoft@gmail.com

Er Neha Godbole

 Executive operation 




Neha is working with Aerosoft Corp as Executive Operation. Neha, Born in Jabalpur and brought up in Indore, has done her PGDM (PM & HRD) from Balaji Institute of Management & HRD, Pune, and, B.E (Computer Science) from Acropolis Institute of Technology & Research, Indore. She has participated & won many events at college level. Now she is working with Aerosoft Corp to provide services to various aviation professionals. 


Er Neha Godbole    
Executive operation
On Line Assistence        :

Gtalk                                   :   nb.aerosoft@gmail.com
Y! Messenger                   :   nb.aerosoft@yahoo.com
Rediff Bol                          :   nb.aerosoft@rediffmail.com
MSN                                   :   nb.aerosoft@hotmail.com

Shilpa Rawat  [ BE BioTech] 
Project Manager
On Line Assistence :
Y! Messenger : Shilpa.AeroSoft@yahoo.com

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