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Thursday 16 August 2012

Cloud Computing Standards and Interoperability Being Established

India Ready to Launch Cloud Computing Initiative
Invest in India
The Minister of Communications and IT, Shri Kapil Sibal says India with its vibrant IT industry and adoption of IT in Government, is uniquely positioned to immensely benefit from cloud computing. Shri Sibal was delivering the keynote address at the day ...
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Rackspace launches OpenStack private cloud
The availability of both private and public cloud infrastructure will enable customers who want to run some workloads on an internal or private cloud and others on an external cloud to do so using the same basic infrastructure. There is big interest ...
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Cloud Computing Standards and Interoperability Being Established
ITWorld Canada (blog)
The advent of cloud computing exploding to most any type of application being available, has caused severe confusion for end-users.It only makes sense for industry standards and interoperability to be established and provide some guidance for customers.
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UNR: Cloud computing delivers numerous advantages
Reno Gazette Journal
One way to understand cloud computing is that it makes large-scale computing resources available to users by providing access to services and resources through a network rather than from an individual device. There are numerous reasons why the use of ...
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'Web research and cloud computing'
Daily Pioneer
Under this partnership, IIT-Madras researchers will have access to web-scale data and conduct research in the area of distributed computing, cloud computing, machine learning and big data. The grid computing infrastructure consists of 30 high end ...
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Research and Markets: Cloud Computing Market In Poland 2012
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
Cloud computing market in Poland 2012, Development forecast for 2012-2016 is a unique document that provides news, analysis and growth projections for this dynamic segment of Polish IT. The report examines the market in detail, from the technological ...
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Ilesfay Awarded Major Cloud Computing Patent
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
Before the advent of cloud computing, the computing resources necessary to support this type of comprehensive analysis were significant and not practical to deploy. Now, by combining MatchMaking® with Ilesfay's PointToCloud® architecture, organizations ...
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HP Delivers Innovations to Power Cloud Computing
In legacy infrastructures, moving a VM workload such as a Microsoft Exchange application between data centers requires hundreds of complex, manual device-level configuration steps. As Hewlett-Packard Development Company reported, data mobility is ...
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Wave Launches Cloud-Based Management for Self-Encrypting Drives
For more information on Wave Cloud, or to request a trial subscription, visit Wave at For additional information on the service, visit the Wave Cloud product page or download "How Cloud Computing ...
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