Thursday, 16 August 2012

Best Ways to add Clicksor ads on WordPress websites and many more ads Refferals

Clicksor ads are becoming popular with time and people tend to give them place on their website. It is easy to add Clicksor ads on your WordPress website

Using Plugin

Clicksor offers WordPress plugin. You can download the official plugin from Clicksor website. After downloading install as normal WordPress plugin.It is easiest way of adding advertisements but not the best way.

Using Text Widget

You can use Text widgets to place advertisements from this network on the sidebar. Follow below procedure to do this

Log into your Clicksor publisher account
Create an advertisement using the Adsetup
Copy the generated code
Log into your wordpress website
Go to Appearance –> Widgets
Drag and place a text widget on the sidebar where you want to place the ads
Paste the advertisement code
That’s it
It is best way as it does not involve usage of plugin and you have control over the placement of ads.The procedure is also very simple to implement.

Editing Template File

This is perhaps the most complicated way to placing the ads and is not recommended.You can edit your template file and paste the code (at place where you want to place your ads).If you want to place ads near to header then edit header.php file.If you want to follow this way contact me for details.

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