HCL positioned as a leader for Mobility and Cloud Computing by Zinnov

Cloud computing: Hustinx issues warning
Responsibility for protecting data processed in the context of cloud computing services must not "evaporate in the cloud," warns the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS), Peter Hustinx. There is a real danger of that happening, he notes in an ...
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HCL positioned as a leader for Mobility and Cloud Computing by Zinnov
Equity Bulls
HCL Technologies (HCL), the global IT services provider, has been ranked as a market leader for Enterprise Mobility and Cloud Services by Zinnov, a leading globalization and market expansion advisory firm. This was announced in the latest study titled ...
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Defining the elusive cloud architect
The cloud architect is much like Bigfoot: There are sightings, even some blurry video, but we really don't have solid proof that this creature exists. The problem is cloud computing is so new that it's tough to find people who understand how all of it ...
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Where next for Steven Sinofsky?
He wouldn't have to relocate and Amazon seeks more enterprise expertise for its cloudservices push. One Twitter correspondent thinks Seattle-based Tableau, the hot-shot business intelligence startup, would be an interesting choice. And then there's ...
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When is a cloud not (quite) a cloud?
Computing (blog)
At a recent Dell roundtable event on the future of cloud computing, the discussion centred around how cloud was not being adopted wholesale by many organisations yet. Various reasons were put forward, such as fear of change, fear of losing control, ...
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Enabling an Efficient Cloud
Voice & Data Online
The advent of cloud computing is a natural progression as we advance towards a super-connected world where data centers and local area networks are at the heart of making it all happen. Cloud computing and superconnectivity are placing ever-increasing ...
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Voice & Data Online
HP big cheese: Is the cloud even proper IT? Whoops, I said it
There wasn't just the usual weary conference goer's dilemma of regular or decaf, Alka-Seltzer or Nurofen: channel partners could also decide whether or not to become “managed service providers” ofcloud computing, a move some vendors believe is ...
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