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Friday 9 November 2012

Airhostess Geetika Sharma hanged herself after cancellation of Flat: Anuradha Sharma Mother

MDLR Airlines Airhostess Geetika Sharma, who accused her boss and former Haryana minister Gopal Goyal Kanda of harassment in a suicide note, hanged herself a day after the family received the first of two letters informing them that the allotment of a flat in Gurgaon had been cancelled, her mother said.

Kanda and his colleague Aruna Chadha have been arrested and charged in connection with Geetika’s death.

Geetika’s mother Anuradha Sharma told Newsline: “We bought a house from a builder through Kanda. He knew the builder and told us it seemed a good investment. My husband paid Rs 18 lakh as the first instalment... Geetika returned home from Mumbai on the morning of August 3 when we received the first letter stating that the allotment of the flat had been cancelled. On August 4 morning, we received the second cancellation letter. Geetika felt really bad about it. I guess she realised that Kanda had started using his political muscle to trouble the family. Later that night, she hanged herself.”

Anuradha claimed that Kanda tried to turn the family against Geetika in the days before her death. “He told me my daughter did not have a good character, that she had many boyfriends. He claimed to know their names and said he would tell me about them. I told him I knew my daughter well and did not need to know anything about her from him,” she said.

Kanda claimed Geetika had committed a fraud in his company and laundered money. She quoted him as saying he was “somehow controlling” his colleague Aruna Chadha who planned to send Haryana policemen to arrest Geetika.

Anuradha said Aruna too spoke to the family and described Geetika as “unprofessional” who “kept joining and leaving the company”.

“She told me my daughter was not right, that I did not know what had happened two years ago. I told Aruna she should be ashamed of herself.”

She said Kanda always mounted pressure on Geetika and the family to make sure she stayed near him. Recalling the time when Geetika quit MDLR to join the Emirates in Dubai, Anuradha said he forced her to meet him in Khan Market.

“I used to work at the Jammu and Kashmir House. He forced me to come to a restaurant in Khan Market and told me that Dubai is not a nice place... and we should immediately bring her back. I told him my daughter had a job in an international airline of repute, that she would never work for his company again. He asked me thrice whether I would bring back Geetika. Each time I said no, he looked at me strangely. He left abruptly with his securitymen,” Anuradha said.

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