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Wednesday 17 August 2022

Life of a Freelance Writer by Harneet Kour

Life of a Freelance Writer 

by Harneet Kour 

Working from Home, in your own words, sounds like an intriguing idea. Waking up, not caring about being late for work, dressing up to your comfort and getting paid for your passion. Wow! It's like some fairy tale. When I decided to write freelance, I started to appreciate the freedom I knew. However, there was a price to pay for freedom. I quickly realized that I'm not just the boss, but the employee as well. My job wasn't just to create top-down content. No! I had to keep commercializing my skills and at the same time search for more clients. As I spent more time on my laptop, I realized that I was withdrawing in human company. My conversations were not conversational any more. I could not think of subjects who called upon other people. I could write about all these things, but somehow I was hesitant to talk about it. Let me give you a sneak peak of a freelance writers life. What pros and cons we experience as a freelancer. This will guide you and help you prepare yourself to face similar challenges. Pros: You have the liberty to work when your mind is sharper. That's correct. You do not have to begin your writing at 9 or 10 o'clock. If you are one of the best writers before they knock on the bed to sleep, you can start writing before you sleep. Likewise, if you are a morning writer, you can just begin working once you have a healthy night's sleep. You can take small breaks, check other small things and return to your desk. Work from anywhere in your house or even outdoors. Doesn't that sound wonderful? Sitting on your balcony, with the laptop in front of you and your cup of coffee or tea by your side. This is a paradise for any writer because a lot of writers can think better in open spaces.Honestly, I cannot write in a closed room. I can't think straight. As a freelance journalist, you are privileged to decide what your writing space should be. Select your own wisely. Are you the kind who find it exhausting to dress for work? Welcome to the club. You don't have to dress in a special dress code like a freelance writer. Just wear whatever you find at ease and you're ready to go. There's no hard rule. Tip: Keep a professional blazer on hand in case you need to catch a Zoom video call with a prospect. Excellent way to earn flexible money and explore a wide array of writing opportunities. So you're still studying and want to earn a little cash? Or does your work leave you with time and energy to carry on your passion for writing? Incredible. Freelance writing is your stuff. It not only allows you to earn additional money, it gives you the opportunity to explore different niche markets. You may want to try writing on different subjects and intensify your writing skills. You're the boss of yourself. You have the exclusive power to accept or reject a written proposal. If you have ample assignments, you can always refuse your client politely by letting them know that you do not have the required amount of time the project needs and would love to associate once you are done with the projects you are working on. Also, you can negotiate when it is about payment in advance and price. Like every other job, this too has a down side. From reading my above lines on writing from a balcony do not assume that we just write leisurely. We face problems while writing from the balcony as well. Our lives aren’t that cushy as it seems. And we do miss the security and stability a regular 9-5 job provides Here are a few Cons of being a freelance writer. Facing the Writer’s Block alone. Imagine that you have a deadline to respect and that you are confronted with a blockade of the writer. There can be no greater frustration than that. You have no team to reach out for support or motivation. You stand alone with troubled thoughts and limited time. And the more stressful it is, the tougher it is to write. No benefits that a regular job offers: People must save and plan for their health and retirement. There are no health, insurance or cash benefits awaiting your retirement. No paid sick leave, paid leave, maternity leave and other benefits are available. Don't forget to ask yourself about money before deciding to become a full-time freelance writer. It does get lonely. Freelance writing means writing from your own space. Your Home. There aren't any offices or peers. You're always by yourself. And it gets awfully lonely if you are living alone. You're just left with your laptop, binging on Netflix or Premium eating fries or pizza. Moreover, it may harm your personal relationships. Because you are too busy with your laptop, you tend to pull out of the human company. Your world is digital-restricted. Your health may get affected. Thanks to the continuous sedentary work, it is possible to save additional pounds. In addition, when you are at Home and working, you tend to seize any garbage available for eating. You gorge yourself on fries and pizzas because you have to meet a deadline and do not have time to cook a healthy meal. You need to market your skills all the time. A freelancer doesn't have time on his own. Once you have finished the research part, you begin by writing. And if there's time, then we need to invest in marketing. You need to communicate with your prospects and follow up. It helps you to have projects saved for the upcoming weeks. You need to upgrade your skills and regain every now and then to have an advantage in the market. Thus, you can see that life as a freelance is not easy. We do enjoy perks, but face struggles too. And if you still decide to join as a full-time freelance journalist, start managing things for yourself. You should understand and learn time management. Find out how to decline a project job without losing the client. Above all, balance your life personally, socially and professionally. Take the time to run, register at a gym or walk in a park. Never escape a social gathering. Get in touch with real people and have real conversations. It will help you develop knowledge and help you unwind at the same time. Have an amazing journey as a freelance writer!

Have an Amazing journey as a freelance writer!

Harneet Kour

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