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Tuesday 23 August 2022

Freelancing is a myth, you cannot make money with it.

Freelancing is a myth, you cannot make money with it.

This is the way I used to think 4 years back, when an opportunity came to me and I worked and didn't get paid.

So, I started my career as a school teacher and carried on. But I had to leave the job for my motherhood, and I was on the verge of despair thinking how to start over again, but I can't leave the house, as my little one is there, depending on me.

So, I googled and searched here and there what to do, how to make money online, is it even possible?

Then suddenly, I got to see an opportunity to write a blog on maternity photoshoot for their website on Instagram and I thought of giving it a try.

Here I must include that I love to read blog, so I decided to take up the opportunity, and to my surprise I earned my first freelancing money!

😇My first gig was 250 rupees and I was overwhelmed, then I started following top freelancers such as Saheli Chatterjee and Saloni Srivastava and I found their free content so useful.

I got my next opportunity from a Facebook group, though the project didn't run well. But I met another person Shekhar Gupta ✈ ✈ ✈ whom I found very helpful and a great human being.

🙏My LinkedIn family also uplifts me always. I would love to mention Rafiq D. who gave me some references and gave me confidence.

🙏Nevertheless, I would like to mention my HustlePost Academy who are very helpful and I get inspired from each one of the members. Shelo AuraHuda Chougle I get inspired by you two.

🌟Presently, I have started my career as a VA and about to sign a contract with a client for SMM and building a website.

Though, I have just stepped into the world of freelancing, I feel very much elated being a freelancer.

I hope I can make it and will make it big.

And, now I can proudly say that freelancing is for real and I am proudly entering into this world.

😇Please share your story of struggle, success, failure in the comment section. I would love to know each one of your stories.

Sushmita Naha Dhar

Virtual Assistant, Email Management, SMM
Apr 2022 - Present · 5 mosKolkata, West Bengal, India

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