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Tuesday 23 August 2022

How TO Become an Interesting Person Be the best Version of Yourself !! By Nehha S Kotharie Soft Skills Trainer,Graphologist

How  TO Become an Interesting Person

Be the best Version of Yourself !!

By Nehha S Kotharie  Soft Skills Trainer,Graphologist

Think back to a time when you met someone who was so interesting that you hung onto every word they said, and you wanted to spend more time with them to know more. Maybe it was at work, a networking event, a party, or a wedding.

Being interesting is a huge advantage at work and in life. People want to spend time with you when you’re interesting, and they’re more likely to enjoy the time you spend together.

When it comes to being interesting, in my experience, it boils down to the following three traits: perspective, authenticity, and connection.

1. Having a perspective beyond the usual

To be interesting means having a perspective that’s different from the usual. Having something to say and contribute that adds to the conversation, whether that’s broadening or deepening it.

In contrast, someone who agrees blindly or simply regurgitates what’s said is not so interesting, although you might find them reassuring.

The key to having an interesting perspective is what you feed your mind. This could be the books you read, the shows you watch or the podcasts you listen to. It could also be the experiences you have, whether through travel, adversity or peak experiences.

2. Authenticity – showing up in a way that makes you uniquely you. Another element of being interesting is showing up in a way that shows people what makes you uniquely you.

Most of us struggle to show our whole selves, so we respect those who are brave enough to actually do it. It takes courage to let go of societal norms and lean into who we really are. But unshackled is the only state when we do our best work and fulfill our true potential.

The key is not trying to replicate what others do. Like trying to be another Steve Jobs – there’s only one. Instead, it’s finding your own unique voice and way of being. That’s what makes you interesting… and positions you for success.

How much of your true authentic self are you bringing to your work and your life?

3 Connection – how you engage people

The third aspect is how you engage people. Are you making a personal connection? Are you genuinely interested in the other person? And how do you go about sharing what you know?

When it comes to connecting with others, it starts with sharing what you know. Think of that as contributing.

Then it’s about doing that sharing in a natural way as part of the conversation without dominating it. That’s what I call conversing.

And finally, it’s about cross-pollinating. Bringing in ideas from another field that helps people do what they do better and get a new way of looking at things.

And the most important point not to forget is to Learn something creative every day .When is the last time you did something creative or something that you actually love to do?

Do it. It will create a positive impact on your life.

Also, try to learn something that can help you in becoming a better version of yourself and would have an optimistic effect on your work, life, or study.

Nehha S Kotharie 


Soft Skills Trainer

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