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Life of a Freelance Writer by Harneet Kour

Life of a Freelance Writer   by Harneet Kour  Working from Home, in your own words, sounds like an intriguing idea. Waking up, not caring about being late for work, dressing up to your comfort and getting paid for your passion. Wow! It's like some fairy tale. When I decided to write freelance, I started to appreciate the freedom I knew. However, there was a price to pay for freedom. I quickly realized that I'm not just the boss, but the employee as well. My job wasn't just to create top-down content. No! I had to keep commercializing my skills and at the same time search for more clients. As I spent more time on my laptop, I realized that I was withdrawing in human company. My conversations were not conversational any more. I could not think of subjects who called upon other people. I could write about all these things, but somehow I was hesitant to talk about it. Let me give you a sneak peak of a freelance writers life. What pros and cons we experience as a freelance