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Tuesday 30 August 2022

How to Decide Your Writing Niche By Harneet Kour #contentwriter #freelance #niche #content #writing

 How to Decide Your Writing Niche  

By @Harneet Kour

#contentwriter #freelance #niche #content #writing

There are two main categories of Freelance Content Writers- Generalists and Specialists. 

Freelance writers who fall in the first category write about everything. They write about food, travel, healthcare, or even website content. These writers work with different industries.

Specialists, however, follow a particular niche. They have expertise in writing about a specific industry. They prefer to write with associated companies. 

Should we opt to be a Generalist or Specialist? It is your personal choice. If you enjoy writing and working with different industries, be a generalist. In this article, however, we will discuss how a specialist works. This article will help you decide on a particular niche ( if you are thinking of being a specialist).

Here are five simple ways to help you decide your niche:

  1. Think about what you want to write.

Ask yourself a simple question. What do you enjoy writing? Is it food, education, mental health, fitness, cryptocurrency, or something else? Be confident. The content writing industry follows some major high-paying niches. Research if the niche you enjoy writing is a high-paying one.

2. Do you have enough knowledge about the topic?

By now, do you know what topics you enjoy writing about? The big question is how knowledgeable you are about these topics. At times, we find a topic going viral on the internet. We find it fascinating to write about something similar. Be sure you have splendid knowledge about it. There is no point in choosing a niche that's foreign to you. You would be only wasting a lot of time and energy in doing research. And even after doing much research, you might still be clueless as to what to write.

3. Identify gaps in the market.

Are publications and blogs paying for your preferred niche? It is a critical question. Research on the internet is businesses and websites welcoming the niche you follow. Is there enough job opportunity in the specific industry you chose? If not, broaden the scope. Do not be too confined and restricted about the topics.

4. How much competition exists in your specific niche?

If you are a beginner, with less or average knowledge and skill, chances are that there will be tough competition. Start if you are ready to work hard and face the challenge. Study the specialists already working in the market. Are they getting paid well? Is there enough regular work? Is there space for more writers and enough work opportunities for you? Make sure you have answers in the affirmative before going ahead.

5. Money and Success

Success is not necessarily about money. If the niche you are passionate about is giving you pleasure and paying your bills, enjoy. There can be a situation or a work offer that will pay you high. During working on this project, you will feel distressed and low. End the association as soon as you can. You are writing because you are passionate about it. When you are a Freelance Writer, you have the authority to choose your niche. Do not waste this privilege. 

Having said so, try and work on niches that are at least decent paying. Set the prices as per the market. The food industry might not be paying as much as the IT industry to the freshers. 

Follow these tips. Research the market well. Think again if you want to follow your niche. Most importantly, do not compromise on your passion for writing. Keep reading and updating yourself about the topics you love to write about. Browse about new writing conventions. Learn about different tools and how to enhance your content quality. 

Keep Writing and Keep Improvising.

Harneet Kour

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