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Wednesday 24 August 2022

Five things to Avoid as a Freelance Writer By Harneet Kour

 Five things to Avoid as a Freelance Writer

By  @Harneet Kour

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Every day you read about what to do and how to be a freelance writer. Let me tell you about some that do not do well in this area. As a freelancer, I made a couple of mistakes in my career. This is what I have learned from my mistakes and my experience. Nothing you can't endure. The whole thing is simple but mandatory—the ones you can't afford to walk away from.

  1. Stop Trusting everybody but you.

Everybody has their own experience and their way of dealing with things. Instead of hitting all the doors, find an answer inside. Listen to your mind, ask questions and attempt to find solutions for yourself. The presentiment is rarely wrong. Each author has their perspective and their way of dealing. It is preferable to trust yourself and walk down the road by yourself. Learn how to present and deal with a client practically rather than what is written on all pages in the beginners' guide. 

You will be vulnerable to mistakes. These mistakes will help you learn valuable lessons that will come in handy. Just take responsibility and improvise. It will help improve not just your writing skills but your overall persona.

2. Don't  Hate a Critic of  Yours

I realise that criticism is difficult to accept. When appreciation can make us all happy and confident, the critique can leave us sad and with a bloated ego. However, do not allow this to harm you. None of the scriptures is universally beloved. Each reviewer has their perspective and opinions. Accept what you think will help you improvise and add subtlety and value to your writing. Sometimes a client requires something that doesn't sound like you. He could criticise your work because that is not what he wants. Unleash your ego, make the changes and deliver the content according to the client. 

Be receptive to criticism and comments. You'll become just another better version of yourself. 

3. Never Compromise when it comes to content Quality

Whenever you let yourself go to grammar and punctuation, you're doomed. There is no more significant blunder than submitting content with orthographic errors. Be aware of your audience. Understand the difference between writing for millennial bloggers and writing for corporate executive magazines. The format is different for everybody. Proofread your content. The first two times you read it, you will see how many mistakes you have committed. Fix them.

We all face pressures and challenges in our daily lives. Never point it out in your writings. Writing in a biased or moody manner can seriously affect the quality of your content. Take a break. And as soon as you think you're ready, start writing, this time with an open and healthy mind. 

4. Don't Presume the Road will be Easy

There are going to be tough days. The days you encounter a Writer's Block. Days with no continuous workflow. There may be days when you could face a financial crisis. You'll feel like giving up. Don’t! As with everything else, it will pass too. Maintain patience and resiliency. Have faith in yourself and in what you write. 

If you are facing writer's block, give your pen a break. Get a book or magazine or start reading anything interesting online. Always keep a diary, where you write about various subjects on such days. Go back and check on them. Suppose you run out of work and pitch for guest posts. You should save a portion of your income for the tough days. 

5. Never be Rude or Disingenuous.

If you want a reputation in this field, avoid gossip. There's no need to become a party or a gossip centre. Learn how to decline a project respectfully. Focus on dealing with stressful situations and demanding customers without losing your patience or mood. Establish rapport and maintain cordial and professional associations. You don't need to be envious of a fellow writer's achievement. Focus on what you're doing. Assist anyone who requests it. Don't be fooled, though.

Your path to success will not be reached simply by following the guidance above. You are to endure the difficulties and obstacles. It will be your journey. But never give in. And remember to share your ways of managing challenges as a Freelance Writer.

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