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Wednesday 24 August 2022

Beginner's Guide for a Freelance Writer to Make Money By- Harneet Kour

Beginner's Guide for a Freelance Writer  to Make Money

By- Harneet Kour 

Writing has been my passion all along. I  started writing for the benefit of my  passion and to earn little additional  money. Over the years, freelancing has  developed into a full-time career. It  wasn't as easy a ride as it looks. If you are proficient,willing to be prone to this  skill and have patience, then freelancing could just work for you. 

There are a few FAQ's you need to read  and understand before you go any further. Here they go: 

- Can you start making money within days  of starting? 

It can be a little tricky. As a  novice,finding paid work is a challenge. It would be helpful if you had a portfolio for the client. It helps the  client to gain an understanding of your  skills. You may be refused sometimes due  to lack of experience. Do not be  disheartened. I would suggest you take  paid internships as content writers.  You’re going to gain experience and make  a little money that way. 

- What skills are required to earn money  as a freelance content writer? 

Be up to date with writing conventions.  Try to create original content that will  appeal to the readers each time. Nobody will hire you if you switch on to copy and  paste shortcuts. Plagiarism is a crime in  this business. If you are considering providing copied blog content,your  career is over before it begins. Also, as a freelance writer, do not get stuck at  #justwriting. Expand your skills like  search engine optimisation, content marketing, customer-facing, digital  marketing and more. The more expertise  you build, the more reach you have in the  content industry. 

Getting back to the key point: how to  make money as a freelance writer. Here  are some tips to start your journey. 

* Create a Blog

Once you've decided what nich you want to pursue(make sure it's a very profitable  niche), create a blog. Strange it may  seem, but you may be making money by  setting up blogs. You can get paid to  write on your own blog via sponsored  articles, affiliate connections and  advertising. And on top of that, you can  start your own blog in just 10 minutes. What are you waiting for? Start working  on your own. 

*Pitch a Guest Post

As a beginner, this is the most common  and strongly recommended way to earn  cash. Visit the blogs surrounding your  niche. Start interacting and commenting  on blogs. Read as much as possible and  learn their style of writing. Write an  article about something that could  interest them. Pitch, whether they are  interested in hiring an author/blogger to their blogs on a regular basis. 

Companies continue to advertise hiring  positions for required freelance writers  and bloggers. Don't miss any of these  posts. Apply in accordance with  instructions. If you do not get a response ,follow up by polite email to find out  your status. 

*Write for a Literary Magazine

What do you get to write for a literature magazine? Validation. If your work is  published in a literature magazine, you  should be proud of yourself and your  editorial skills. And yes you also get  Marketing value. Your name will be out  there in the marketplace appealing to the new readers. 

Literary magazines include fiction,  essays, poetry, literary critique, visual arts, book reviews, author  

profiles,letters and interviews. Some of  these journals benefit from financial  assistance from the government or  universities. While others are  financially dependent on their  subscriptions. 

The amount you can earn entirely depends  on which literary magazine you get a  shot at getting published in. Your pay  will also depend on the monetary  situation of the magazine. 

*Self-Publish Your Own Book on Amazon

Nothing is more important than  writing something that your readers value. Write about a subject that you know  immensely and that your readers may find  relatable. 

You can also write novels or poems for  publication. Although printing a book can be one,but time-consuming and costly, you can opt for the E-book edition on  Amazon.You may either hire a graphic  designer or design the cover book  yourself. 

Ensure you select the most relevant  keywords and categories for your e-Book. 

In terms of pricing, remain realistic.  Amazon, Flipkart and other companies  

charge a small fee. Make sure you  optimize the pricing accordingly. Target  the masses and keep the e-book pocket  friendly for the readers. 

* Building Credibility Even If You Are A  Beginner. 

A lot of time and effort goes into  establishing your credibility. However,  you need no stress in this regard. Just  keep a few important things in your mind  and things will be sorted out. 

First, value yourself and your content.  Set a level for your editorial services that are neither too high nor too low. And by all means, non-negotiable. Changing  your pricing will cause customers to  suspect a loophole and doubt your skills.  Learn how to gain respect from your  customers by offering quality content. 

Then ask your clients for testimonials. A word from a happy client can be  miraculous. It creates professional  connections and confidence between you  and the client. Furthermore, it leads  other customers to try an experience  working with you. 

If you are not interested in taking up a  project for whatever reasons- lack of  time, price or demanding client, learn  to refuse more politely. It will still  keep you in his good books. 

I hope the above tips would help you  get started with earning money.

All  the Best! 

Harneet Kour

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