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Tuesday 18 July 2017

Shama Praveen

                                                                                                                  Blog By : Ms.Nidhi Jain 
Shama  Praveen Best Travel Blogger of Asia Alfa Travel blog 

She is a gorgeous chaos, and you can see it in her eyes. This is Shama Perveen and as the name suggests she is a flare of warmth and Passion. She is born and bred in the capital of Food and fashion aka Delhi. She is currently managing in a Travel Agency in Delhi. She has completed her graduation in Travel and Tourism from Delhi. Her family consists of a loving father, a Mother that is always by her side and a cute younger brother. 

As being born in an atmosphere where grades are less relevant she quickly started revealing her talent in photography at a very young age. But it was traveling that made her see the world in a whole new way. She started going Solo trips at around the age of 18 and still loves it. She recounts traveling as a remembrance that brings happiness to her soul. She is always in the process of acquiring something new. She also knows 2 languages other than Hindi and English fluently which is French and Arabic. She is also a great speaker, achieved many academic awards during her high-school years. Her fluency in languages made her join as a content writer in an inbound travel agency; It was a perfect platform for her, she could write about traveling as well as her experiences (and well get paid for it). 
After a month she started making her own identity over social media with her own blogging page with now over 1,000+ subscribers and counting and goes by @travelwithshama.

Shama is going up and fast, with her skills she dreams to inspire people to travel more and make memories as life is too short to live in the same place.

Shama  Praveen Best Travel Blogger of Asia Alfa Travel blog 

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