Sunday, 16 July 2017

Mary Annie Sujitha J

Miss. Mary Annie Sujitha J

We have Annie here, an independent woman of diversified interests. She is known to academia people (Engineering) as Mary Annie Sujitha J and she is known to the movie guys as Annie Joseph. Yes, though an Engineering Researcher (Teaching cum Research Associate) by profession (B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering and M.Tech Sensor System Technology and currently pursuing Ph.D, full time at VIT University, Vellore) she has a creative side of her in filmmaking domain, a Film Director in the making. Her recent tamil short film “VeeridumNisabdham” has won 6 awards so far and has crossed 20k views on YouTube.Out of those 6, the one that she holds close to her heart is “Best Director Award” that she received from Dr. Tessy Thomas, hailed as the 'Missile Woman' of India.She has also produced a single track for which she penned down the lyrics herself.Growing up in a middle class family with a younger brother, she recalls her younger days being restricted so much by her parents. Amidst suppressions and failures, she walked her way into writing and filmmaking, which is her greatest passion. Being in teaching domain, professionally, she connects with youngsters pretty well. She loves inspiring them in every way she possibly could. In fact, one of the vital reasons why she started making short films is to reach out to the youngsters. She is a voracious reader; her favorite authors include Agatha Christie, Paulo Coelho, Nora Roberts, Karen Robards, P.G Wodehouse , Sidney Sheldon, Enid Blyton, Andy Andrews, the list goes on. Influenced by reading from a very early age, she started writing poetry, short stories and screenplay from class 7th itself, winning prizes for her poetry in library week contests. She has been actively involved in dramatics from her school years. Among her various performances, she recalls her memorable stage performance as Professor Higgins, from “My Fair Lady”, an epic, classical stage play, back in class 11thfor which she won “Best Dramatist Award”. She doesn’t restrict herself as a Film Director; she has acted in a short film as a Student Counselor, which was directed by her students in college. She envisions herself as the change that she wants to witness in this world, loving mankind and trying her best to help others in the best way she can, glorifying God through her deeds. Apart from writing and filmmaking her other interests includes, journalism, politics, social media, education, societal reforms, volunteering, etc. 


  1. I'm really happy for u sweet heart may God bless u for your all the happiness ahead 😊😍

  2. You are really an inspiration !!!!!
    All the best dear

  3. Congrats Annie Sujitha. I am really proud of you. Climb greater heights.....reach the unreachable......

  4. I have just one thing to say that not many of us are fortunate enough so keep inspiring us and wish a very bright future ahead.

  5. This is where the humankind has the real meaning. An young and vibrant ONE with variety of talents - role model for anyone to stepahead from behind!

    Rock on Annie!!! God bless U in all that U do!!!!!


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