Monday, 3 July 2017

Alfa Bloggers

With technological advancements on its way, Aviation segment has augmented its reach to the individuals with the ongoing ‘wave’ of blogging. Alfa Bloggers, a new revolution in this field is here to cater all your needs related to Aviation Air Charter Services, Visa Processes and Tour Packaging. An initiative by Asiatic International Aviation Corp ad Trainee Management, they are serving the Aviation and Travel domain for last 8 years.

This team of enthusiastic trainee managers from different IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) introduced several bogs that facilitate the aviation and tourism segment by the way of 700 Blogs and Apps. With on-hand experience with Mission To Canada, AsiaticAir, Ola, Oyo & so many Startups before this, it is focusing on areas like Airlines, Artist, Business, Cabs, Education, Fiction, Hotels, Travels, SEO, Motivation and Woman Empowerment with extensive coverage and endure an extended support to Social Media Entrepreneurs. It not only helps then focusing on the creative and innovative product conception but also provide an exhaustive marketplace to them.

So right from Travel, Education, Fiction and Aviation News Videos to Aviation Air Charter Services, ticketing, tour packages, and visa processes needs, Alfa Blogger is up with its fervent bloggers to help you out !

Tariff for New Bloggers with Alfa Bloggers

Rs 80 for   400 - 500 Words Up to 10 Blogs 
Rs 120 for 400 - 500 Words  Up to 20 Blogs 
Rs 150 for 400 - 500 Up to 30 Blogs 
Rs 180 for 400 - 500 Up to 40 Blogs 
Rs 200 for 400 - 500 Up to 50 Blogs 

Tariff for New Fiction Bloggers with Alfa Bloggers

Rs 550 Per Story up to 5 Story   
Rs 1000 Bonus after every 5 Story
Rs 850 Per Story from 6 to 10 Story
Rs 1000 Bonus after every 5 Story

Rs 1050 Per Story from 11 to 15 Story

One Fiction Story must be Minimum 2000 - 3000 Words. 

So come and Join Team of Best Bloggers of Asia


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