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Wednesday 5 July 2017

Sakshi Kocher

"Your childhood hunger is the one which never leaves you" 
The hunger of reading and passion to write has been the two lifelines for Sakshi, who is a graduate in English (hons) and now pursuing Masters in the same field. 

Her passion took her to long heights when she was motivated and encourged by her teachers and friends. From blogs to poems and fiction to articles, she has given her best shot at everything. 

 A profound traveler and a hardcore foodie she is very well acquainted with every street of Delhi and is enriched with taste of every street side stall. 
Not only a fervent writer, traveler and a foodie she has her interest lying in getting clicked at newly explored places . 

With the aim of becoming a lecturer and a writer she keeps coming with new ideas and innovative write ups, to come out with flying colours one day. 

Sakshi Kocher

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