Vaishali Garg

Vaishali Garg born and brought up in Delhi and being a Delhite, she is passionate and ambitious towards her career. She did her BBA from NDIM, Delhi and MBA (HR) from a distance from Alagappa University. And currently she is pursuing an MA (English) from IGNOU University.
It has been said a person can achieve anything when they have a full family support, but in her case the main obstacle is that only. Even though she is a Delhite, but as her parents belongs to Haryana, they are too orthodox in their thinking where girls’ education and career are not given much importance and so here comes the main problem.
After MBA, somehow she managed to get a job in a well reputed online portal company. She knows her family will not permit her even for an interview, so, once without letting them know, she went for an interview and passed. The journey was not smooth over there too. Within a month she became a recognized employee in the company with the best performance and has also won the award for the best quality work. But, after 3 months her family again started with new clause regarding her time. She talked to the manager and things got on track. And, after 10 months of working there she was pressurized to resign.
But the eager to work didn’t get vanished within her. There was no one in the family to support her and so she gets into depression and no one even noticed. Then, one day she finally decided to do something creative and nothing can be best than to become a freelance writer. She started investing much of her time in reading novels and going through various numbers of blogs and articles. And so she started applying on various sites and one day she got her first project. Without much knowledge, she started working. There were errors, mistakes too, but the client supported her and made her to understand the concept of writing for blogs, SEO contents, websites, etc. With time and increased experience, the quality of work get improved and her earning too. She started the work with a pay of 0.14 ppw and today she is working on the projects with a pay of minimum Rs.3 ppw and more. Although her family is still not in support of her and was asked many a time to stop working. But, she never gives up and managed her work, study and everything at a same time.
And today, she has been working for various sites and is renowned for her creativity and efforts and hard work she has been putting in her projects till yet. Even she is working as an editor/proofreader for many companies. The journey wasn’t easy but if one has passion to achieve some dream they can do.
Vaishali is not a person who just loves working and earn. She enjoys her life to the fullest. One of her hobbies include writing poetry. She loves travelling, music and dance too. To conclude, she just says “I have been passionate about my work from school time and has written many scripts and articles in school and college time and was appreciated. I have never thought I would get into this line but, destiny has something decided for me and so am here and I am happy with my business today. It’s still on a small scale today, but I am sure one day I will be able to take it on a great height. “

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