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Madhurima Dutta

A cultural purist at heart, Traveling has been Madhurima's passion for a long time now. Originally a student of Economics, she also took up hands-on courses in Digital Marketing to develop the ability to market her own writing. Like many others, she loves exploring new places, delving into the unknown and experiencing the adventures that this world has to offer us. However, what inspires her to travel is more than just the astounding beauty of nature. It's about understanding the people, their culture, their experiences, their habits and appreciating the differences. It's about learning something new every day and really making each & every moment count. It's about enjoying the adrenaline rush and also finding peace. Through her writings, she shall try to take the reader on a journey to see the world through her eyes. She shall attempt to make the reader feel at least 1% of what she felt during her journey.  She hopes to continue to throw herself among unknown pla…

Vaishali Garg

Vaishali Garg born and brought up in Delhi and being a Delhite, she is passionate and ambitious towards her career. She did her BBA from NDIM, Delhi and MBA (HR) from a distance from Alagappa University. And currently she is pursuing an MA (English) from IGNOU University. It has been said a person can achieve anything when they have a full family support, but in her case the main obstacle is that only. Even though she is a Delhite, but as her parents belongs to Haryana, they are too orthodox in their thinking where girls’ education and career are not given much importance and so here comes the main problem. After MBA, somehow she managed to get a job in a well reputed online portal company. She knows her family will not permit her even for an interview, so, once without letting them know, she went for an interview and passed. The journey was not smooth over there too. Within a month she became a recognized employee in the company with the best performance and has also won the award fo…

Purvi Tibrewala

Purvi Tibrewala   Social Media Bluez

Purvi Tibrewala ( Social Media Bluez )  Is a mother of two Amazing kids. She is passionate about doing things differently. She believe that “You can Love Social Media or you can Hate it….but surely you can’t IGNORE it”. So she wants to make people aware of Social Media. Its pros, cons, how to use and being safe online. Her workshops are for people who find computer and technology too confusing to understand. Also for young mothers who wants to understand the online safety, for their children (kids to teen). She also manages social media for people. She loves to create/write contents for the blogs. She is a freelancer and has completed the Google certification- DigitalUnlocked. She love to doodle, Zentangle, Paint, Cook, Travel, Socialize, keep herself and her family Fit and is a big time Fashionista.

Carbide Bananas Hoax

केले खाने से पहले बरतें सावधानी
केले खाते समय सावधान 30/- से 40/- रु दर्जन इस दर से मृत्यु बेची जा रही है. सबसे विनती है कि सावधान रहें .
हम सभी केले पसंद करते हैं और इनका भरपूर स्वाद उठाते हैं परंतु अभी बाज़ार में आने वाले केले  कार्बाइडयुक्त पानी में भिगाकर पकाए जा रहे हैं , इस प्रकार के केले खाने से 100% कॅन्सर या पेट का विकार हो सकता है.  इसलिए अपनी बुद्धि का इस्तेमाल करें और ऐसे केले ना खाएँ .
परंतु केले को कार्बाइड का उपयोग करके पकाया है इसे कैसे पहचानेंगे :-
यदि केले को प्राकृतिक तरीके से पकाया है तो उसका डंठल काला पड जाता है  और केले का रंग गर्द पीला हो जाता है . कृपया नीचे दिए फोटो को देखें साथ ही केले पर थोड़े बहुत काले दाग रहते हैं . परंतु यदि केले को कारबाइड का इस्तेमाल करके पकाया गया है तो उसका डंठल हरा होगा और केले का रंग लेमन यलो अर्थात नींबुई पीला होगा इतना ही नही ऐसे केले का रंग एकदम साफ पीला होता है उसमे कोई दाग धब्बे नहीं होते कृपया नीचे दिए फोटो को देखें.
कारबाइड आख़िर क्या है , यदि कारबाइड को पानी में मिलाएँगे तो उसमें से उष्मा (हीट) निकलती है और अस्यतेलएने गॅस का निर्म…

Shama Praveen

                                                                                                                  Blog By : Ms.Nidhi Jain Shama  Praveen Best Travel Blogger of Asia Alfa Travel blog 

She is a gorgeous chaos, and you can see it in her eyes. This is Shama Perveen and as the name suggests she is a flare of warmth and Passion. She is born and bred in the capital of Food and fashion aka Delhi. She is currently managing in a Travel Agency in Delhi. She has completed her graduation in Travel and Tourism from Delhi. Her family consists of a loving father, a Mother that is always by her side and a cute younger brother. 
As being born in an atmosphere where grades are less relevant she quickly started revealing her talent in photography at a very young age. But it was traveling that made her see the world in a whole new way. She started going Solo trips at around the age of 18 and still loves it. She recounts traveling as a remembrance that brings happiness to her soul. She is alwa…

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Amrita Ghosh Bhowmik

Amrita Ghosh Bhowmik Best Passionate Writer of Asia
This is Amrita Ghosh and she belongs to Delhi- the capital of India. She is currently pursuing her masters in technology in computer science. She has completed her Bachelors in Mathematics (H) and her first masters in Computer Application from West Bengal. She started her career as a software developer. But as a home tutor she felt the importance of educating children and decided to spread her technical knowledge to the tech students as a lecturer in Murshidabad College of Engineering & Technology. She continued her journey with Govindam Business School, New Delhi also. But it is always said that the childhood hunger never leaves your mind. This was the place, where she found back the opportunities to write different stories on multiple things as a freelance creative writer. She joined as a content writer in an E-Commerce firm; it was to quench her thirst to learn about a new horizon. Gradually she became a team leader and joined a…