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Thursday 5 October 2017

Srishti Gautam

Srishti, a normal girl who is not so normal. She is basically from Haryana, done her schooling from air force school. No no! she is not an army brat, she is a civilian. Currently living in Chandigarh, for her bachelor degree in science from panjab university. 

Living far from home she is learning new things on daily basis. Writing was her hobby, but then she was afraid to share her views and writings with the outer world; no she is not an introvert! but according to her not everyone can understand the feelings behind a particular write-up. Her style of writing is basically micro-tales or thoughts, yes positive thoughts. 

Srishti is a foodie soul though she is skinny :D . Fond of travelling, you can find her saving money not for shopping but yes for travelling. she prefer road trips with friends to rare places. As she is going to be a graduate next year, so before that she is planning to travel most of the places.
Her work experience includes working for SCOTCHU. It is a website for pet lovers, she worked here as a content writer for 2 months. 
She is also a part of a NGO. SWAG(strong women and girls).
According to her she writes in a simple way, and she is a beginner so she wants that everyone can connect themselves with her writing.
Her mantra for a happy and positive life is that everyone has flaws and everyone can learn, so if you see someone doing something wrong help them rather than demotivating them!.
she loves counselling and teaching. 

NAME: Srishti 

Srishti Gautam 

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