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Saturday 7 October 2017

Satavisha Chakraborty

Satavisha is a first-year student of J.D.Birla Institute, Department of Management pursuing BBA, who will be stepping into her last teenage year this November. She is a happy go lucky person and is from the City of Joy- Kolkata. Satavisha was born with wanderlust, she feels alive when she travels.
She is motivated and ambitious. Satavisha has got really big dreams for herself and she promised herself that no matter what, she will fulfill them. She sees herself living in New York City or London as a fashion marketer ten years down the line but has also promised herself that she will travel the world and for her promises aren't made to be broken, they mean something- they are meant to be kept.
She is a big-time foodie and loves to shop. She loves to capture each moment to keep it as a memory because even if everything changes, pictures don't. She loves to write and read, be it short poems or quotes or blog posts. Satavisha is a little shy at first but once you know her, she is one of the craziest girls you will ever meet. She loves to talk and loves to live each day like it's her last. She is a good listener and loves to make new friends. Satavisha is a rebel, she questions everything that doesn't make sense to her and fights for what she loves whenever needed.
She wants to motivate others and be someone people look up to. Two words are really related to her- fashion and travel. Satavisha knows she is strong and she can deal with anything that life throws at her. She knows her priorities and she knows that she has the potential to reach her goals. 

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