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Saturday 7 October 2017

Navya Nanda

This is Navya Nanda , always fresh and new as her name implies. She hails from Amritsar , " THE HOLY CITY" and currently studies at THAPAR UNIVERSITY as a 'Computer Science' undergraduate. She belongs to a middle class family but as always loved living in her own fantasy world. As a child she has been a ' good mumma's girl'. She was good at studies from the beginning that always made her family have high hopes on her which she wishes to fulfill .She has always had her mothers back. May be that is the reason she is now pursuing her engineering career.
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She has always been an outgoing and travel person, be it family trips or school picnics. Traveling gives her a different kind of high. She is Ever-ready for roaming around and exploring places. She is an adventurous person and feels that everyday is an adventure. For her the definition of an adventure does not confine just to trekking and camping. She has been of the opinion that even some hot coffee, a good book along with favorite music on the roof top counts as an adventure. Mountains have always had a special place in her dreamland and personal favorite when it comes to traveling. She dwells into the peace and tranquillity of mother nature. Those snow covered peaks, giving the impression of gold under the serene sunlight makes her inarticulate. Amidst all these feelings she started realizing that these were the thing, these were the moments she wanted to talk the most about. She is a beginner in writing professionally and and wants the world to know her innervation. 
" Make yourself capable so that you do not have to think twice before planning a trip" :- This is something she strongly reckon on.
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