Monday, 2 October 2017

Himanshi Dalal

Himanshi Dalal

Himanshi Dalal is a 20 Yrs old independent girl and fully oriented towards learning / trying new experiences again & again. She is  currently pursuing graduation in Mathematics from University of Delhi & also teach tutions to make extra money.

Life has been accidental till now, every second used to tackle some other obstacle but over the years she realized these are best part of life to make it somewhat diccerent from others & actually its the spice of life.

From early childhood, she is  a survivor of Skin allergy -numular eczema, due to which my skin became very sensitive & lowered the body immunity also.
But with parents support everything gone smoothly. 
And so for now, she is  enjoying her life full on along with inheriting absolutely indifferent experiences & planning for further life. She is a very social person, likes to be a part of such powerfull, social, liberal & come together events. If She  would ever given a choice she would like to spend one day in dense forest at peak mountains & ranges.

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