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Friday 6 October 2017

Nirupam Gehlot

She is  Nirupam Gehlot, born and brought up in Delhi and is a very interesting person in her own way. She is currently pursuing her fifth year of Law School from Jindal Global Law School. Being a young student, Nirupam has discovered a passion for research and writing. She has completed a summer programme on Human Rights and Development at Harvard University. Apart from experience of thorough research in subjects of law, she likes to read articles and blogs on philosophy and life; and likes discussing her views with people around her. From a young age, she was interested in development and reducing inequality. After her graduation she plans on working with the Women's Commission of India.
Apart from that, she is a foodie, who likes to experience all vegetarian cuisines from all over the world. She lives by the philosophy of "the biggest joys, come from the smallest of moments" and likes to live each moment of her life like this. She likes challenges in life and most importantly, friendship means everything to her.

Defeat means giving up on  
Yourself in the midst of Difficulty....!
True Success means Winning 
in the battle with YourSelf .... ! !
Those who Persist in the Pursuit of their Dreams, 
No Matter what the hurdles, are Winners in Life, 
For they have won over their Weaknesses ... ! ! ! *

Name : Nirupam Gehlot

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