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Wednesday 1 May 2019

Alfa Bizz Corp

Alfa Business Corp Services
Networking · Businesswoman · Entrepreneurship · StartUp

Alfa Bizz Corp   is an Android Mobile App and Blog Based service for Female Business Owners and operated by AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd. The Alfa Bizz Corp  network launched in June 2019 as a way of giving Female Business owners more control of what shows in the Online Search Results when someone searches a Given Business Category or Name. Alfa Bizz Corp is a New Gen Low Cost No Frill Win-Win Business Concept diversified into many different verticles.

An excursion to the company

AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd., the only startup in the Aviation sector, covers diverse domains of aeronautics like Air Charters, Pilot Training, and Aviation HR Services. There are services like Aviation Apps, Aviation Books, Aviation Blogs, Aviation Lead Generation, Aviation Link Building, Aviation Expo, Aviation B2B, Aviation B2C, Aviation SEO/SMM, and Aviation Management Internships for IIT and IIM students only.
There are various categories of clients which AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd serves such as Air Charters to Tycoons, Pilot Training to buddy Pilots, Aviation HR Services to AME, Cabin Crew and Pilots, Aviation Blogs to AME, Aviation Lead Generation to Pilot Training Academy, Aviation Link Building to AME, and Management Internships for IIT and IIM students only.
For creating a skilled workforce, the organization provides regular workshops and trainings; a paramount support is rendered to the team. A formidable team has been created to provide valuable services.
AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd has a tremendous faith on Research and Development department for ensuring a continuous growth, and delivery of flawless services.
“To soar, one needs to dream big, and live with it to turn into reality”, remarks the creator of this reputed organization.
Working relentlessly day and night, it conquers autonomy in the aerial sector, and emerged as an astounding venture for the upcoming flying aspirants.

We Work On : 

Think Out of the Box
Best From Waste
Low Cost No Frill




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Services :

Courses :

App List :

Best World Of Women Entrepreneurs Online Work at Home

We are looking for Women Entrepreneurs who are interested in Work from Home to promote various Business Services in their free time.  Alfa Bizz Corp  is a Low cost, No Frill and well funded StartUp, but that’s not why we are able to afford to pay Low wages.  Our clients are searching for the best talent in the World.  They are not paying based on location, they pay based on talent.  We provide our clients with a rigorous testing process to ensure we’re hiring the best.   Even in the time of Global Recession And DeMonetization our Clients are willing to pay for the best talent.

Additionally, by operating remotely we have very Less Overhead and therefore we are able to redirect saved costs to our talent network.  In doing this, we can afford to pay the best talent what they are worth.  Long term, our elite talent network is generating much more value than a workforce based 
solely on cost savings.

Age : Min 21 - 35 Yrs
Sex : Female Only 
Mobile : GSM Androit  with WhatsApp and Facebook
Internet : PC or Laptop with WiFi or  4G 

Ideal For :   BBA,  BCA, BE, B Tech, B Arch, BA Mass Comm, MBA,  MCA, M Tech, BDS, MDS, MS,  

Industries  : Aviation, Agriculture. Automobiles,   Banking, Biotech, Cabs, IT, Hotel, HR, Education And Training, Engineering, Financial Services, Food Industry, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Insurance, IT & ITeS, Manufacturing, Marketing And Strategy,  Media And Entertainment,  Real  Estate, Research And Development,  Retail, Services,  Telecommunications,  Tourism & Hospitality and many more

We have 3 types of Programme 


Basic  :::

[1]  Earning Aim : INR 3000 to 5000 Per month 
[2]  Daily Working : 3-5 Hrs Per Day 5 Days a week 
[3]  Training Period : Aprox 4-6 Weeks 3-4 Days a Week 
[4]  Fees                 : Free 
[5]  Education : Min Graduation / Diploma Holder

Advance :::

[1]  Earning Aim : INR 5,000 to 15,000 Per month 
[2]  Daily Working : 5-8 Hrs Per Day 6 Days a week 
[3]  Training Period : Aprox 3-4 Weeks 4-5 Days a Week 
[4]  Fees                 : INR 4500 Only
[5]  Education : Min Graduation / Diploma Holder

Professional  ::::

[1]  Earning Aim : INR 10,000 to 25,000 Per month 
[2]  Daily Working : 8-10 Hrs Per Day 6/7 Days a week 
[3]  Training Period : Aprox 2-3 Weeks 5/6 Days a Week 
[4]  Fees                 : INR 9500 Only
[5]  Education : Min Post Graduation / PG Diploma Holder

Resources : :::

@ 700 Blogs with 60 Blogers / SEO
#   2 Hotels with 60 Rooms
$   22 Car Taxi in 3 Cities of MP 

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Fresh Fiction Writers Required

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Must Read :::

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GM Join us As Work From Home General Manager [Operation] For #Bhopal #Jaipur #Udaipur

Best Career Counsellor in Your Own City Work From Home

Best Career Counsellor in Your Own City Work From Home

Merry X Mas

Happy New Year

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Digital Marketing Executive

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Pilot Officer [ Non Flying ] cum Pilot Training Instructor [ Ground Subjects ]

Eagle Air Training

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Pilot Officer [ Non Flying ] cum Pilot Training Instructor [ Ground Subjects ]

Aims and Dreams

#B_Tech, #B_Arch, #BA_Mass_Comm, #MBA,  #MCA, #M_Tech, #BDS, #MDS, #MS,  

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Wednesday 7 March 2018

Alfa Bizz Corp

Alfa Bizz Corp connects talent from around the globe with companies who are looking to hire only the best. We are also a Low Cost / No Frill / Win Win / Micro Mission-driven App and Blog based Organisation, Meaning, we believe in providing Smart Moms with Low-Paying, Long-Term Work at Home Careers. We are an OnLine Marketplace  in which companies are trying to hire someone at bottom basement rates for temporary work. We have different work for different Professional. connects many Tech Savvy freelancers and people who are looking for skilled people for their small projects. We at encourages online workers who possess basic computing skills to come on board and make use of those skills.

Through freelancers from all       age-groups are earning handsome amount of money. People from all areas of society, i.e. Pilots, Air Hostess, Dr, Smart Housewives, IIT and IIM Students, Moms are completing hundreds of projects every Month 
working from Home only. 

Join our Team as Co-Founders




















Online Training

• Great Small Wages that are getting on time and consistently

• Complete Flexibility

• Setting your own schedule

Please Donwload our App 

1) Why should I have Social Media Accounts ?

Social media provides an exposure to share our work, knowledge and everything that we are interested in and helps to widen our horizon.  It also acts as a showcase of our life that we like to share with our loved ones or the world, sitting far away from us.

2) How is it possible to Work from Home ?

We all are blessed with unlimited internet connections today which opens all the doors to interact with the world just by sitting at one place.
It helps in the great opportunity to work from home which helps students and others to earn and learn something extra.

3) What after completing this Internship ?

One may  continue learning experience with  with higher studies and would like to begin with on going pro journey with our fellow team.

4) Why my Bio is uploaded on  ?

Uploading employees Bio not only approves his/her authenticity but also helps in building a strong image of the company as the bio reveals the versatility of the employees.

5) Why I have to be active on Social Media ?

In today’s world of technology, it is most convenient medium to know what’s going on in the world around you and to express you own opinions

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Cabin Crew Career Guide
Pragati Srivastava [ Air Hostess ]
Capt Shekhar Gupta [Pilot]
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Indian INR 699

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