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Friday 25 August 2023

Exciting Online Internship Opportunity

Exciting Online  Internship Opportunity

🌟 Exciting Online  Internship Opportunity! 🌟

🌟 Exciting Online Internship Opportunities Await! 🌟

Are you a Talented Individual eager to launch your Career in the Digital Realm?

We are delighted to announce vacancies within our Global Dynamic Team for two distinct roles: 

SEO Specialist 


Graphic Designer.

🎯 Position 1: SEO Specialist

Are you enthusiastic about enhancing online visibility and maximizing search engine rankings? Join us as an SEO intern and acquire hands-on expertise in optimizing websites. Immerse yourself in the world of keywords, content refinement, and data analytics, and make a tangible impact.

🎨 Position 2: Graphic Designer

If you possess a creative spark and a keen eye for detail, our Graphic Designer Internship is tailored just for you! Engage in captivating projects, craft visually striking designs, and breathe life into concepts in the field of Graphic Design.

📆 Internship Duration: 3 months

Upon successful completion of the internship, you will be awarded a prestigious certificate, acknowledging your dedication and accomplishments. This presents an exceptional opportunity to bolster your skills, enrich your portfolio, and forge connections with industry luminaries.

🚺 Please note: This internship is exclusively available to female candidates.

For further information about these positions and the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us at +91 73966 64394  

Don't let this chance to fast-track your career journey slip away!

Kajol Kapura Soren
HR Head
V Card :

+91 73966 64394

15 Days Personal Growth Challenge

  15 Days Personal Growth Challenge 

A 15-day personal growth challenge can be an excellent way to kickstart your personal development journey and make positive changes in your life. Below, I've outlined a 15-day personal growth challenge with daily tasks and suggestions to help you grow mentally, emotionally, and physically. Remember, personal growth is a continuous process, so use this challenge as a starting point for ongoing self-improvement.

Day 1: Set Clear Goals

Spend some time defining your short-term and long-term goals. Write them down and be specific about what you want to achieve.

Day 2: Practice Gratitude

Start a gratitude journal. Write down three things you're grateful for every day for the next two weeks.

Day 3: Mindfulness Meditation

Begin a daily mindfulness meditation practice. Start with just 5-10 minutes of focused breathing.

Day 4: Declutter

Clean and organize one area of your home or workspace that needs attention.

Day 5: Self-Reflection

Take some time to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. What areas of your life do you want to improve?

Day 6: Healthy Eating

Make a conscious effort to eat healthier today. Focus on whole foods and avoid processed ones.

Day 7: Learn Something New

Start a new hobby or learn a new skill. Dedicate at least 30 minutes to it today.

Day 8: Exercise

Incorporate a 20-30 minute workout or physical activity into your day.

Day 9: Practice Positive Affirmations

Create a list of positive affirmations and repeat them throughout the day.

Day 10: Read a Personal Development Book

Start reading a book that can help you grow as a person.

Day 11: Connect with Someone

Reach out to a friend or family member you haven't spoken to in a while and catch up.

Day 12: Time Management

Organize your day using a to-do list and time-blocking technique.

Day 13: Face a Fear

Challenge yourself to confront a fear or do something outside of your comfort zone.

Day 14: Journal Your Progress

Write about your experiences and insights during this challenge. How have you grown so far?

Day 15: Plan for the Future

Set new goals based on what you've learned during the challenge. Create an action plan for the next few months.

Personal Growth is a lifelong journey, and this 15-day challenge is just the beginning. Continuously seek opportunities for self-improvement and personal development. You can also adapt and repeat this challenge as needed to address specific areas of your life that you want to focus on.

💥 Introducing Your Personal Growth Challenge!

Life is an ongoing series of experiments, and each result offers a valuable lesson. Embracing daily challenges as experiments can profoundly impact your life.

🚀 Your personal evolution is shaped by the challenges you embrace and the obstacles you conquer. I firmly believe that a single step, an individual activity, or even a small habit has the potential to transform your life forever.

🤸 Daily challenges have the power to reshape your beliefs, propel you beyond your comfort zone, and nurture the greatness within you, all for your betterment.

If you're someone dedicated to having fun while striving for self-improvement, I encourage you to take on something entirely new, something you've never tried before. Trust me; your life will become more exhilarating and satisfying.

🌱 Be the catalyst for change and explore these daily challenge ideas to bring about remarkable transformations in your life!

👉 Here, I've compiled a list of challenges to get you started.

Now, what other challenges can you think of that we could add to this list?

Share in the comments below 👇

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Thursday 24 August 2023

How to be more productive at work?

How to be more Productive at Work?

1. Set Realistic Targets but always keep room for more:

For the past few days I had been noticing how I never used to go to sleep feeling happy and satisfied.

Why? I thought hard. 🤔

It didn't take me long to realize I was setting mammoth targets for myself and that it was one thing to push myself and a completely different thing to make my goal look unachievable.

I used to do this cause I believed big targets helped me in being more effective(which is true, in parts).

But the whole regime created a vacuum within me and I'd get constantly discouraged on seeing how unachievable my goals looked. So I would ultimately procrastinate and end up feeling shitty.

That’s why, I started setting realistic targets for myself, while still keeping room for pushing some more.

2. Always have something to look forward to:

For me, it's eating, talking nonsense with my family, writing, browsing through cat memes, watching an episode on Netflix or reading 2 chapters of the book I'm currently reading.

But I only get to do these things if I “know” I've done enough for the day. Otherwise it's no fun to even chill out.

3. Soak in positivity:

I know winters are gloomy and sluggish for me. So I've made it a habit for myself to utilize the daytime as much as I can. I love studying and soaking in warm sunlight during the day. It makes me feel extremely positive. 😊

4. Plan your day in advance:

I hate being confused and not knowing what I've to do immediately after waking up, so I tend to plan my day in advance. Every night before going to bed, I make a to-do list. Not cause I like functioning like a machine but cause I know I'll get a headache if I wake up to an unplanned day. Cause I know even if I manage to get 75–80% of my list ticked off, I'll actually be able to accomplish enough.

Also, I like making cute drawings on my to-do lists which makes me feel good.

5. Always take out time for yourself:

Track your feelings. Maintain a journal if you like. I maintain a digital journal cause I know I'm too lazy to maintain a physical one.

6. Always start your day on a positive note:

Mornings set your tone for the entire day. Also, try resisting your urge to scroll through Instagram first thing in the morning. Instead, read a chapter of your favorite book or listen to a short podcast.

7. Start small but stay consistent.

Divide your work into minuscule parts and start doing them one by one(KAIZEN TECHNIQUE).

8. Don't be scared of testing yourself

9. Before going to sleep, write everything you accomplished today.

10. Believe in yourself and visualize your Goal:

Always remember: 

If you think you can and if you think you can't, in both cases; 


Kritika Sharma

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The Impact of Positive Emotions on Mental Wellbeing

The Impact of Positive Emotions on Mental Wellbeing

The profound influence of positive emotions on one's sense of self and mental state is a remarkable phenomenon. Perhaps not everyone has had the opportunity to fully embrace the power of positive emotions and its transformative effect on overall mental wellbeing, but personally, I've undergone a significant metamorphosis by shifting from negative to positive emotional states.

The inherent ability of positive emotions to invigorate our spirits is undeniable. Often, human inclination—regardless of circumstances—leans toward initial criticism. This tendency, coupled with the filtration of experiences through the lens of past learnings, can lead to a cascade of judgment, analysis, and ultimately, negativity. However, I propose an alternative approach: the conscious practice of recognizing the positives within any given situation. Rather than dwelling on the unfavorable or the worst-case scenario, let us delve into contemplating "what could have been enhanced in the entirety of the scenario." It's a paradigm shift that urges us to cease needless brainstorming unless its purpose is truly pertinent.

On the contrary, negative emotions can spawn a sense of inadequacy that gnaws at our self-confidence. Such emotions, when ingrained from childhood due to repeated experiences of judgment, comparison, and lack of acknowledgment, can indeed hinder the journey towards mental wellness.

But how can one undergo this transformation?

Firstly, embrace fallibility as part of being human. Grant yourself the space to bask in your achievements, regardless of their magnitude. Surround yourself with individuals who exude positivity and refrain from passing judgment.

Having a circle of confidants who provide candid reality checks is invaluable. Identifying and reshaping habits plays a pivotal role in this journey. Rather than exploiting others for personal advantage, focus on self-improvement.

Stepping out aimlessly into the world and engaging with fellow beings can be remarkably therapeutic. Allocating dedicated "me-time" for introspection about what brings joy or sorrow, and why, can yield insightful revelations.

Recalling and reliving "happy moments" can serve as a potent tool for enhancing positivity. Furthermore, if you believe that your actions may have inadvertently harmed someone, the act of seeking forgiveness can be incredibly liberating.

Despite the plethora of self-help techniques at our disposal, we often find ourselves fixated on observing others. Yet, the crucial step lies in evaluating ourselves, identifying our shortcomings, and earnestly addressing them prior to embarking on the journey of transformation. Remember, it is imperative to lead by example rather than merely chasing the example set by others.

So, let us remain attuned to the prospect of effecting positive change within ourselves. By sharing our experiences and insights, we can collectively aid fellow travelers on this path to better mental wellbeing. Together, we can create a network of support and empowerment, nurturing a community that thrives on the principles of positivity, self-discovery, and resilience.

Stay tuned for additional job search advice!

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Wednesday 23 August 2023

Amazing dictatorship is going on in our country

Amazing dictatorship is going on in our Country

The prevailing situation in our nation has raised concerns regarding the governance and administration that is currently in place. It's important to examine the various incidents and developments that have transpired recently, shedding light on the individuals who hold significant positions within the government.

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, holds the highest office in the country. Accompanying him are key figures like Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister, who plays a pivotal role in matters concerning internal security, law enforcement, and disaster management. Rajnath Singh, the Union Defence Minister, is entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding the nation's borders and maintaining its defense capabilities.

Nirmala Sitharaman, the Union Finance Minister, is at the helm of economic affairs, overseeing the management of public finances, budgets, and economic policies. Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, is essential for the development and maintenance of the nation's road networks. Smriti Irani, the Union Minister for Women and Child Development, focuses on critical areas like gender equality and child welfare.

At the state level, Yogi Adityanath is the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, a state with substantial political and social influence. Devendra Fadnavis, a former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, has left his mark on the state's governance. Manohar Lal Khattar leads Haryana as its Chief Minister, while Shivraj Singh Chouhan oversees the development of Madhya Pradesh. B. S. Yediyurappa, a former Chief Minister of Karnataka, contributed to the state's progress during his tenure. Raman Singh and Vasundhara Raje, former Chief Ministers of Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan respectively, have left their imprints on these states' political landscapes.

In analyzing specific incidents, it becomes evident that certain events have occurred which warrant a closer examination. For instance, the incident in Bareilly involving a violent mob that fired shots while brandishing firearms is disconcerting. The subsequent intervention by SSP Prabhakar Chowdhary through the use of lathi charge to quell the violence resulted in his transfer, raising questions about the dynamics of authority and accountability.

Another concerning episode pertains to the aftermath of the Noah violence, during which a particular religious community was allegedly targeted. The government's response, involving the demolition of numerous houses and shops, attracted the attention of two judges who took suo motu cognizance and halted the demolition process. Astonishingly, both these judges were subsequently transferred, leading to speculation about the motivations behind these decisions.

Similar patterns are observable in instances like the Mewat violence, where demands to prohibit the entry of a specific community into villages and restrict their trade activities were met with action by DC Imran Raza, who issued notices to the boycotting sarpanches. His subsequent transfer raises concerns about the delicate balance between maintaining law and order and respecting individual rights.

In yet another scenario, Gurugram's Commissioner Ramchandra Kala's arrest of an editor from Sudarshan TV for alleged dissemination of fake news and baseless allegations raises questions about the freedom of the press and the autonomy of individuals within administrative positions. The aftermath of this incident, in the form of Kala's transfer, adds another layer to the ongoing discourse.

All these instances of transfers under government pressure have sparked conversations about the autonomy of officers to carry out their duties without undue influence. The very essence of duty and responsibility is under scrutiny, as these incidents highlight the challenges officers face when attempting to prevent violence and maintain order in a manner consistent with their roles.

It is clear that recent developments within the country have sparked concerns about the direction of governance and administration. The various incidents and the subsequent actions raise questions about the principles of accountability, transparency, and the balance between maintaining law and order while respecting individual rights. The discourse on these matters is essential for shaping the future trajectory of our nation's governance.

Means, officers can't even do their duty honestly now??

Can't even stop those who incite violence??

Amazing dictatorship is going on in our country!

1) बरेली में हिसंक भीड़ ने बंदूक लहराते हुए फायर किया, हल्ला मचाया!

SSP प्रभाकर चौधरी ने हल्की लाठी चार्ज कर हिंसा होने से रोक दिया!

इनाम– ट्रांसफर कर दिया गया!

2) नूह हिंसा के बाद सरकार धर्म विशेष को टारगेट कर 1208 मकान–दुकान पर बुलडोजर चला दिया था!

2 जजों ने स्वतः संज्ञान लेते हुए बुलडोजर की कार्रवाई पर रोक लगा दिया था!

इनाम– दोनो जजों का ट्रांसफर कर दिया गया!

3) मेवात हिंसा के बाद कई पंचायत के लोगों ने माहौल को और बिगाड़ने की नीयत से मुस्लिम समुदाय के गांव में प्रवेश व कुछ बेचने पर प्रतिबंध लगाने की मांग की!

DC इमरान रज़ा ने बहिष्कार करने वाले सरपंचों को नोटिस दिया!

इनाम– ट्रांसफर कर दिया गया!

4) गुरुग्राम, कमिश्नर रामचंद्र कला ने सुदर्शन TV के एडिटर को फेंक न्यूज फैलाने व झूठे इल्ज़ाम लगाने मामले में गिरफ्तार किया!

इनाम– ट्रांसफर कर दिया गया!

सरकार की दबाव में यह सारे ट्रांसफर हुए!


अफसर अब ईमानदारी से अपनी ड्यूटी भी नही कर सकते??

हिंसा भड़काने वालो को रोक भी नही सकते??

गज़ब तानाशाही चल रही है अपने देश मे!

Work Life Balance by Kritika Sharma

Work-Life Balance

I am sure it is very confusing for a young adult when they are told that these current years are the years one strives, works hard and makes things happen professionally and on the other hand there are a few naysayers who will recommend for us to live for today, because life is short and unpredictable. I have also heard that the corporate culture in India is ruthless to say the least, where deliverables are the only concern. Both theories are so different yet so true. Time is a very slippery entity. So what is, seemingly, the most wholesome way to deal with this catch 22 situation that life has thrown at us.

1. Try and complete your basic professional degree in time. Keep upgrading yourself intermittently, as you keep seeking your final destination at work. As we know, there's no age limit on upgrading.

2. It's good to have it all planned out (a vision board) but also learn to be ok with being clueless sometimes. At the end of your journey, you might realise that it all turned out differently and you are still ok.

3. Do not take your work home daily and/or during weekends. It's supremely unhealthy to do so, is what I believe, even if you are living on your own.

4. Please use your weekends to recover, rejuvenate and resuscitate. And this will not happen if you get sloshed over the weekend. Connect with friends, family and ideas.

Read, travel, explore the town on your own or just sleep without quilt.
5. Do not get mixed up in office gossip (it takes up time & energy) and if its difficult to avoid, zip up.

6. Learn to manage time well at work. If you manage to finish a task before time, appreciate yourself.

7. If you are overwhelmed by a task, please seek help. Do not feel ashamed. Everyone glitches at times, everyone needs help.

8. You are 24 today, at the snap of a finger you will be 48. You will definitely be at a different place than others. Do not worry about having reached a different destination.

What matters most at this point is who are the people that joined you through the journey and are here right now.

I am sure there are so many more life balance hacks our
young adults themselves are aware of.

Feel free to add more.

Kritika Sharma


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