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Wednesday 23 August 2023

Work Life Balance by Kritika Sharma

Work-Life Balance

I am sure it is very confusing for a young adult when they are told that these current years are the years one strives, works hard and makes things happen professionally and on the other hand there are a few naysayers who will recommend for us to live for today, because life is short and unpredictable. I have also heard that the corporate culture in India is ruthless to say the least, where deliverables are the only concern. Both theories are so different yet so true. Time is a very slippery entity. So what is, seemingly, the most wholesome way to deal with this catch 22 situation that life has thrown at us.

1. Try and complete your basic professional degree in time. Keep upgrading yourself intermittently, as you keep seeking your final destination at work. As we know, there's no age limit on upgrading.

2. It's good to have it all planned out (a vision board) but also learn to be ok with being clueless sometimes. At the end of your journey, you might realise that it all turned out differently and you are still ok.

3. Do not take your work home daily and/or during weekends. It's supremely unhealthy to do so, is what I believe, even if you are living on your own.

4. Please use your weekends to recover, rejuvenate and resuscitate. And this will not happen if you get sloshed over the weekend. Connect with friends, family and ideas.

Read, travel, explore the town on your own or just sleep without quilt.
5. Do not get mixed up in office gossip (it takes up time & energy) and if its difficult to avoid, zip up.

6. Learn to manage time well at work. If you manage to finish a task before time, appreciate yourself.

7. If you are overwhelmed by a task, please seek help. Do not feel ashamed. Everyone glitches at times, everyone needs help.

8. You are 24 today, at the snap of a finger you will be 48. You will definitely be at a different place than others. Do not worry about having reached a different destination.

What matters most at this point is who are the people that joined you through the journey and are here right now.

I am sure there are so many more life balance hacks our
young adults themselves are aware of.

Feel free to add more.

Kritika Sharma


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