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Thursday 24 August 2023

How to be more productive at work?

How to be more Productive at Work?

1. Set Realistic Targets but always keep room for more:

For the past few days I had been noticing how I never used to go to sleep feeling happy and satisfied.

Why? I thought hard. 🤔

It didn't take me long to realize I was setting mammoth targets for myself and that it was one thing to push myself and a completely different thing to make my goal look unachievable.

I used to do this cause I believed big targets helped me in being more effective(which is true, in parts).

But the whole regime created a vacuum within me and I'd get constantly discouraged on seeing how unachievable my goals looked. So I would ultimately procrastinate and end up feeling shitty.

That’s why, I started setting realistic targets for myself, while still keeping room for pushing some more.

2. Always have something to look forward to:

For me, it's eating, talking nonsense with my family, writing, browsing through cat memes, watching an episode on Netflix or reading 2 chapters of the book I'm currently reading.

But I only get to do these things if I “know” I've done enough for the day. Otherwise it's no fun to even chill out.

3. Soak in positivity:

I know winters are gloomy and sluggish for me. So I've made it a habit for myself to utilize the daytime as much as I can. I love studying and soaking in warm sunlight during the day. It makes me feel extremely positive. 😊

4. Plan your day in advance:

I hate being confused and not knowing what I've to do immediately after waking up, so I tend to plan my day in advance. Every night before going to bed, I make a to-do list. Not cause I like functioning like a machine but cause I know I'll get a headache if I wake up to an unplanned day. Cause I know even if I manage to get 75–80% of my list ticked off, I'll actually be able to accomplish enough.

Also, I like making cute drawings on my to-do lists which makes me feel good.

5. Always take out time for yourself:

Track your feelings. Maintain a journal if you like. I maintain a digital journal cause I know I'm too lazy to maintain a physical one.

6. Always start your day on a positive note:

Mornings set your tone for the entire day. Also, try resisting your urge to scroll through Instagram first thing in the morning. Instead, read a chapter of your favorite book or listen to a short podcast.

7. Start small but stay consistent.

Divide your work into minuscule parts and start doing them one by one(KAIZEN TECHNIQUE).

8. Don't be scared of testing yourself

9. Before going to sleep, write everything you accomplished today.

10. Believe in yourself and visualize your Goal:

Always remember: 

If you think you can and if you think you can't, in both cases; 


Kritika Sharma

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