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Thursday 24 August 2023

The Impact of Positive Emotions on Mental Wellbeing

The Impact of Positive Emotions on Mental Wellbeing

The profound influence of positive emotions on one's sense of self and mental state is a remarkable phenomenon. Perhaps not everyone has had the opportunity to fully embrace the power of positive emotions and its transformative effect on overall mental wellbeing, but personally, I've undergone a significant metamorphosis by shifting from negative to positive emotional states.

The inherent ability of positive emotions to invigorate our spirits is undeniable. Often, human inclination—regardless of circumstances—leans toward initial criticism. This tendency, coupled with the filtration of experiences through the lens of past learnings, can lead to a cascade of judgment, analysis, and ultimately, negativity. However, I propose an alternative approach: the conscious practice of recognizing the positives within any given situation. Rather than dwelling on the unfavorable or the worst-case scenario, let us delve into contemplating "what could have been enhanced in the entirety of the scenario." It's a paradigm shift that urges us to cease needless brainstorming unless its purpose is truly pertinent.

On the contrary, negative emotions can spawn a sense of inadequacy that gnaws at our self-confidence. Such emotions, when ingrained from childhood due to repeated experiences of judgment, comparison, and lack of acknowledgment, can indeed hinder the journey towards mental wellness.

But how can one undergo this transformation?

Firstly, embrace fallibility as part of being human. Grant yourself the space to bask in your achievements, regardless of their magnitude. Surround yourself with individuals who exude positivity and refrain from passing judgment.

Having a circle of confidants who provide candid reality checks is invaluable. Identifying and reshaping habits plays a pivotal role in this journey. Rather than exploiting others for personal advantage, focus on self-improvement.

Stepping out aimlessly into the world and engaging with fellow beings can be remarkably therapeutic. Allocating dedicated "me-time" for introspection about what brings joy or sorrow, and why, can yield insightful revelations.

Recalling and reliving "happy moments" can serve as a potent tool for enhancing positivity. Furthermore, if you believe that your actions may have inadvertently harmed someone, the act of seeking forgiveness can be incredibly liberating.

Despite the plethora of self-help techniques at our disposal, we often find ourselves fixated on observing others. Yet, the crucial step lies in evaluating ourselves, identifying our shortcomings, and earnestly addressing them prior to embarking on the journey of transformation. Remember, it is imperative to lead by example rather than merely chasing the example set by others.

So, let us remain attuned to the prospect of effecting positive change within ourselves. By sharing our experiences and insights, we can collectively aid fellow travelers on this path to better mental wellbeing. Together, we can create a network of support and empowerment, nurturing a community that thrives on the principles of positivity, self-discovery, and resilience.

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