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Thursday 25 August 2022



by Rumana Maner

The College Brand might be less important when it comes to certain subjects or degree level (say the undergraduate degree or a technical diploma). Alternatively, if you are someone with 7+ years of work experience, the college brand might not be as critical as your professional achievements.

 But, if you are a fresher or having less than 2/3 years of work experience, the college brand will matter to some extent. More importantly, if you are thinking of pursuing an MBA, then the college brand will be very important. 

College Brand is Very Important While Choosing a College in India

 But, in India, the college brand does matter to a great extent (especially when it comes to getting your first job or first three years after graduation) even if you are from a science, engineering or humanities background.

India ranked third in the annual World GDP contribution and soon it would become the 5th largest economy in the world. But you must also understand that India has the second largest population of this planet. The current job market in India is extremely competitive.

Statistically speaking, the real jobs markets of India are few and the No. 1 spot is taken by Bangalore with its 2 million IT professionals racing to overtake Silicon Valley by 2020. Next comes Gurugram, which has emerged in the last few years as a name for providing jobs and its proximity to Delhi makes it a perfect choice for the job seekers. Then comes the Bollywood city Mumbai, which is also regarded as the commercial capital of India and being a port city, it has a variety of jobs in Logistics, IT, healthcare etc. The last but not the least, Delhi, the national capital which is one of the finest locations where one can look for jobs. This is also an extremely-important economic center for India with 1.5 lakh professionals working here from states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and NRC regions. But these so-called “job markets” have become extremely crowded and the scope for future employment looks bleak.

Problem with Non-Tier 1 Colleges in India

 Now, comes the talent pool. In India, the basic problems with the low-tier colleges are the questionable quality of teaching, lack of exposure to practical training & strong (or resourceful) alumni network, and limited access to the industry network in those colleges. More than anything, it is the lack of employable skills that affect the employability chances of the students and graduates from the low-tier colleges.

So, as you can see, the college brand is quite important for any subject area in India. But, when it comes to MBA, the brand is even more important. To remain relevant to the primary objective of this article, we will now focus on the MBA vertical.

Why Brand is Important While Choosing a Business School

Today the world is all about brands. People wear brands, eat brands, listen to brands, and they’re constantly telling others about the brands they love. A strong brand is critical to generating referrals. You yourself are a brand in today’s social, corporate & competitive world and Branding differentiate you amongst others. As a brand, you represent the different brands you are associated with, in this context, your education.

Talk about a job interview or a business meeting, a major impression of yours gets built based on the reputation of the institute you graduated from. Top schools are believed to produce top students. Thus, selecting a reputed brand becomes very crucial while pursuing higher education, especially where students spend tons on their education as this is one of the key factors for their career growth and in the rising tide of expectation, we all are looking for measurable return of investments on our education – in terms of academic qualities, facilities, and most importantly employability.

Talking about employability and career opportunities, MBA is one of the degrees with better career opportunities and salary potential. The degree provides a holistic development of managerial skills through exposure to case studies, teaching, industry training, consultancy and research and interaction with various industry leaders.

 All these aspects in management education help students to inculcate practical and efficient skill sets required in the industry. When management students enter the corporate arena of the global business environment where challenges faced by organizations are of a dynamic nature, they not only efficiently identify various issues but also come up with best possible solutions to tackle them through their developed skill sets.

 In India, however, it is only the top business schools who are able to provide such an extensive talent who are able to meet the current industrial demands.

 Talking a little bit amount emergence of MBA, in 1991, the private sector boomed with economic liberalization and demand for MBAs shot up. Companies were willing to pay any whopping amount to this new breed of graduates who were believed to fast-track the existing businesses. Management became a desirable career for students as it came with money as well as status. And even those who managed to get into Tier 2 and 3 business schools made a decent living. In short, MBA became the key to success in life.

 But is the story the same now? Does this degree still mean success irrespective of the brand you come from? In today’s business world and shrinking job market, the degree from a Tier 2, 3 or 4 institute does not hold the same prestige.


The Non-Branded B-School also brings good opportunities of Internships and Placements.

But now, comes the talent pool. In India, the basic problems with the Non-Branded B-Schools are the questionable quality of teaching, lack of exposure to practical training & strong (or resourceful) alumni network, and limited access to the industry network in those colleges. More than anything, it is the lack of employable skills that affects the employability chances of the students and graduates from the Non-Branded B-School & colleges.

The Branded B-Schools and Colleges Help the students to have theoretical, practical as well as technical knowledge which helps the students to boost their personalities and prepare them to compete in the corporate world.

Non-Branded B-schools don't give much technical and practical knowledge. Only give theoretical knowledge about the Course related subject. So the student doesn’t have much confidence level, communication skills, and personality development.

But the internship helps to gain technical and practical knowledge and that helps them to get experience in the corporate world. And make them ready to be competent. And with the help of Internship, we will be able to get Placed in good company and help us to get placed in our dream company.

Even if we are doing the Internship in any Startup company it will help us to work hard, understand the market and the competitions and mostly the start up takes students in a firm as a Employee and not as an intern so it helps the student to understand the work deeply and Thorley.

AirCrew Aviation P Ltd Internship:

The AirCrews Aviation P Ltd gives Internship to the Best Candidates who’s pursuing MBA in Marketing, Human Resource, Operations, Finance. They help the candidate to groom for the corporate world. They never see a candidate as a Intern they see them as a manager and train them to be the best version of you as a manager.

Those who dream of hitting the skies can do so for a living, whether it be in the pilot’s seat or on the ground. Careers in aviation offer many opportunities for advancement in piloting, engineering and mechanics, airport operations and aircraft manufacturing. These jobs often take place in commercial airlines, private manufacturing companies, airports.

Rumana Maner  [MBA] 

HR Manager

Advantages of Linkedin for MBAs

Advantages of Linkedin for MBAs

All these  Videos  are all about the Importance and Benefits of LinkedIn Profile for Management Students who want to pursue their MBAs


Wednesday 24 August 2022

Five things to Avoid as a Freelance Writer By Harneet Kour

 Five things to Avoid as a Freelance Writer

By  @Harneet Kour

#Freelancewriter #writer #contentwriter #nottodo #writing #business #skills

Every day you read about what to do and how to be a freelance writer. Let me tell you about some that do not do well in this area. As a freelancer, I made a couple of mistakes in my career. This is what I have learned from my mistakes and my experience. Nothing you can't endure. The whole thing is simple but mandatory—the ones you can't afford to walk away from.

  1. Stop Trusting everybody but you.

Everybody has their own experience and their way of dealing with things. Instead of hitting all the doors, find an answer inside. Listen to your mind, ask questions and attempt to find solutions for yourself. The presentiment is rarely wrong. Each author has their perspective and their way of dealing. It is preferable to trust yourself and walk down the road by yourself. Learn how to present and deal with a client practically rather than what is written on all pages in the beginners' guide. 

You will be vulnerable to mistakes. These mistakes will help you learn valuable lessons that will come in handy. Just take responsibility and improvise. It will help improve not just your writing skills but your overall persona.

2. Don't  Hate a Critic of  Yours

I realise that criticism is difficult to accept. When appreciation can make us all happy and confident, the critique can leave us sad and with a bloated ego. However, do not allow this to harm you. None of the scriptures is universally beloved. Each reviewer has their perspective and opinions. Accept what you think will help you improvise and add subtlety and value to your writing. Sometimes a client requires something that doesn't sound like you. He could criticise your work because that is not what he wants. Unleash your ego, make the changes and deliver the content according to the client. 

Be receptive to criticism and comments. You'll become just another better version of yourself. 

3. Never Compromise when it comes to content Quality

Whenever you let yourself go to grammar and punctuation, you're doomed. There is no more significant blunder than submitting content with orthographic errors. Be aware of your audience. Understand the difference between writing for millennial bloggers and writing for corporate executive magazines. The format is different for everybody. Proofread your content. The first two times you read it, you will see how many mistakes you have committed. Fix them.

We all face pressures and challenges in our daily lives. Never point it out in your writings. Writing in a biased or moody manner can seriously affect the quality of your content. Take a break. And as soon as you think you're ready, start writing, this time with an open and healthy mind. 

4. Don't Presume the Road will be Easy

There are going to be tough days. The days you encounter a Writer's Block. Days with no continuous workflow. There may be days when you could face a financial crisis. You'll feel like giving up. Don’t! As with everything else, it will pass too. Maintain patience and resiliency. Have faith in yourself and in what you write. 

If you are facing writer's block, give your pen a break. Get a book or magazine or start reading anything interesting online. Always keep a diary, where you write about various subjects on such days. Go back and check on them. Suppose you run out of work and pitch for guest posts. You should save a portion of your income for the tough days. 

5. Never be Rude or Disingenuous.

If you want a reputation in this field, avoid gossip. There's no need to become a party or a gossip centre. Learn how to decline a project respectfully. Focus on dealing with stressful situations and demanding customers without losing your patience or mood. Establish rapport and maintain cordial and professional associations. You don't need to be envious of a fellow writer's achievement. Focus on what you're doing. Assist anyone who requests it. Don't be fooled, though.

Your path to success will not be reached simply by following the guidance above. You are to endure the difficulties and obstacles. It will be your journey. But never give in. And remember to share your ways of managing challenges as a Freelance Writer.

Top Sites for Freelancers : 

Harneet Kour


Mistakes to be Avoided To Become a Freelance Writer By Disha Maurya

Mistakes to be Avoided   To Become  a Freelance Writer

By Disha Maurya

#You're Not Ablee to Think Out of the Box

#Not Offering Enough as a Freelancer

#You Haven't Defined Your Writing Niche 

#You're Undercharging Your Clients 

#You've Set Your Rate Too Low / High 

#You're Selling Yourself Short 

#Not Listing Your Abilities and Knowledge 

#You're Difficult to Work With

#You're Not Offering Enough as a Freelancer

It is very obvious to make mistakes at the

beginning of any career or industry. After all, 

we are not born experts. But not realizing your

mistakes and repeating them can cause you

huge trouble. 

Same in the case of content writing, at first

content writing, may seem a really effortless

and handy freelance career but this simple

thing has many little loopholes that can bring

hurdles at the beginning of your career stage.

I also made some mistakes which I learned

later. Here are some mistakes that I will

suggest avoiding while writing. 

Mistakes to be avoided in freelance content


You think that content writing is only about

writing from reference – If you are following

this mindset then you are definitely going the

wrong way. Before writing you have to

understand the main motive of the content,

the psychology of the reader, and what will

make them take action after reading your blog. 

You don’t pay attention to proofreading and

editing – This is the biggest mistake ever done

by a writer even by professionals. Don’t make

these mistakes. Before publishing the blog or

submitting it to the client, do proofread and

edit the blog according to the audience. This

will help the writer to deliver a crisp and

precise piece of content to their audience. 

You don’t cross-check the facts

– Not researching may cause big trouble for

you. Due to tight deadlines, sometimes new

writers rewrite the highest-ranking blog from

google and do not cross-check the data and

facts mentioned in that blog. This may bring

some questions from the readers. Thus,

research well before putting any facts or stats

on the internet. 

Content writing is all about practicing your

writing skills and avoiding silly mistakes.

Making mistakes is very obvious, one can do

this even after writing for 10 years but

repeating the same mistake, again and again,

is not acceptable at any chance. 

Disha Maurya

Beginner's Guide for a Freelance Writer to Make Money By- Harneet Kour

Beginner's Guide for a Freelance Writer  to Make Money

By- Harneet Kour 

Writing has been my passion all along. I  started writing for the benefit of my  passion and to earn little additional  money. Over the years, freelancing has  developed into a full-time career. It  wasn't as easy a ride as it looks. If you are proficient,willing to be prone to this  skill and have patience, then freelancing could just work for you. 

There are a few FAQ's you need to read  and understand before you go any further. Here they go: 

- Can you start making money within days  of starting? 

It can be a little tricky. As a  novice,finding paid work is a challenge. It would be helpful if you had a portfolio for the client. It helps the  client to gain an understanding of your  skills. You may be refused sometimes due  to lack of experience. Do not be  disheartened. I would suggest you take  paid internships as content writers.  You’re going to gain experience and make  a little money that way. 

- What skills are required to earn money  as a freelance content writer? 

Be up to date with writing conventions.  Try to create original content that will  appeal to the readers each time. Nobody will hire you if you switch on to copy and  paste shortcuts. Plagiarism is a crime in  this business. If you are considering providing copied blog content,your  career is over before it begins. Also, as a freelance writer, do not get stuck at  #justwriting. Expand your skills like  search engine optimisation, content marketing, customer-facing, digital  marketing and more. The more expertise  you build, the more reach you have in the  content industry. 

Getting back to the key point: how to  make money as a freelance writer. Here  are some tips to start your journey. 

* Create a Blog

Once you've decided what nich you want to pursue(make sure it's a very profitable  niche), create a blog. Strange it may  seem, but you may be making money by  setting up blogs. You can get paid to  write on your own blog via sponsored  articles, affiliate connections and  advertising. And on top of that, you can  start your own blog in just 10 minutes. What are you waiting for? Start working  on your own. 

*Pitch a Guest Post

As a beginner, this is the most common  and strongly recommended way to earn  cash. Visit the blogs surrounding your  niche. Start interacting and commenting  on blogs. Read as much as possible and  learn their style of writing. Write an  article about something that could  interest them. Pitch, whether they are  interested in hiring an author/blogger to their blogs on a regular basis. 

Companies continue to advertise hiring  positions for required freelance writers  and bloggers. Don't miss any of these  posts. Apply in accordance with  instructions. If you do not get a response ,follow up by polite email to find out  your status. 

*Write for a Literary Magazine

What do you get to write for a literature magazine? Validation. If your work is  published in a literature magazine, you  should be proud of yourself and your  editorial skills. And yes you also get  Marketing value. Your name will be out  there in the marketplace appealing to the new readers. 

Literary magazines include fiction,  essays, poetry, literary critique, visual arts, book reviews, author  

profiles,letters and interviews. Some of  these journals benefit from financial  assistance from the government or  universities. While others are  financially dependent on their  subscriptions. 

The amount you can earn entirely depends  on which literary magazine you get a  shot at getting published in. Your pay  will also depend on the monetary  situation of the magazine. 

*Self-Publish Your Own Book on Amazon

Nothing is more important than  writing something that your readers value. Write about a subject that you know  immensely and that your readers may find  relatable. 

You can also write novels or poems for  publication. Although printing a book can be one,but time-consuming and costly, you can opt for the E-book edition on  Amazon.You may either hire a graphic  designer or design the cover book  yourself. 

Ensure you select the most relevant  keywords and categories for your e-Book. 

In terms of pricing, remain realistic.  Amazon, Flipkart and other companies  

charge a small fee. Make sure you  optimize the pricing accordingly. Target  the masses and keep the e-book pocket  friendly for the readers. 

* Building Credibility Even If You Are A  Beginner. 

A lot of time and effort goes into  establishing your credibility. However,  you need no stress in this regard. Just  keep a few important things in your mind  and things will be sorted out. 

First, value yourself and your content.  Set a level for your editorial services that are neither too high nor too low. And by all means, non-negotiable. Changing  your pricing will cause customers to  suspect a loophole and doubt your skills.  Learn how to gain respect from your  customers by offering quality content. 

Then ask your clients for testimonials. A word from a happy client can be  miraculous. It creates professional  connections and confidence between you  and the client. Furthermore, it leads  other customers to try an experience  working with you. 

If you are not interested in taking up a  project for whatever reasons- lack of  time, price or demanding client, learn  to refuse more politely. It will still  keep you in his good books. 

I hope the above tips would help you  get started with earning money.

All  the Best! 

Harneet Kour

#freelance #contentwriting #monetisation #earn #writer #skills

Tuesday 23 August 2022

Freelancing is a myth, you cannot make money with it.

Freelancing is a myth, you cannot make money with it.

This is the way I used to think 4 years back, when an opportunity came to me and I worked and didn't get paid.

So, I started my career as a school teacher and carried on. But I had to leave the job for my motherhood, and I was on the verge of despair thinking how to start over again, but I can't leave the house, as my little one is there, depending on me.

So, I googled and searched here and there what to do, how to make money online, is it even possible?

Then suddenly, I got to see an opportunity to write a blog on maternity photoshoot for their website on Instagram and I thought of giving it a try.

Here I must include that I love to read blog, so I decided to take up the opportunity, and to my surprise I earned my first freelancing money!

😇My first gig was 250 rupees and I was overwhelmed, then I started following top freelancers such as Saheli Chatterjee and Saloni Srivastava and I found their free content so useful.

I got my next opportunity from a Facebook group, though the project didn't run well. But I met another person Shekhar Gupta ✈ ✈ ✈ whom I found very helpful and a great human being.

🙏My LinkedIn family also uplifts me always. I would love to mention Rafiq D. who gave me some references and gave me confidence.

🙏Nevertheless, I would like to mention my HustlePost Academy who are very helpful and I get inspired from each one of the members. Shelo AuraHuda Chougle I get inspired by you two.

🌟Presently, I have started my career as a VA and about to sign a contract with a client for SMM and building a website.

Though, I have just stepped into the world of freelancing, I feel very much elated being a freelancer.

I hope I can make it and will make it big.

And, now I can proudly say that freelancing is for real and I am proudly entering into this world.

😇Please share your story of struggle, success, failure in the comment section. I would love to know each one of your stories.

Sushmita Naha Dhar

Virtual Assistant, Email Management, SMM
Apr 2022 - Present · 5 mosKolkata, West Bengal, India

#freelancing #mystory #career #opportunity