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Tuesday 23 August 2022

Start Up

 Start Up

The term Start-up refers to a company in the first stages of operations. Start-ups are founded by one or more Entrepreneurs who want to develop a product or service for which they believe there is demand. These companies generally start with high costs and limited revenue, which is why they look for capital from a variety of sources such as Venture Capitalists.


1. Products or services to be provided have distinctive qualities and features.

 2. Entrepreneurs intending to start it have a lack of funds.

 3. Doesn’t have a well-developed business model.

 Understanding Startups

Startups are companies or ventures that are focused on a single product or service that the founders want to bring to market. These companies typically don't have a fully developed business model and, more crucially, lack adequate capital to move onto the next phase of business. Most of these companies are initially funded by their founders. Many startups turn to others for more funding, including family, friends, and venture capitalists. Location Location can make or break any business. And it's often one of the most important considerations for anyone starting up in the business world. Startups must decide whether their business is conducted online, in an office or home office, or in a store. The location depends on the product or service being offered. For example, a technology startup selling virtual reality hardware may need a physical storefront to give customers a face-to-face demonstration of the product's complex features.

Legal Structure Startups need to consider what legal structure best fits their entity. A sole proprietorship is suited for a founder who is also the key employee of a business. Partnerships are a viable legal structure for businesses that consist of several people who have joint ownership, and they're also fairly straightforward to establish. Personal liability can be reduced by registering a startup as a limited liability company (LLC). Funding Startups often raise funds by turning to family and friends or by using venture capitalists. This is a group of professional investors that specialize in funding startups. Crowdfunding has become a viable way for many people to get access to the cash they need to move forward in the business process. The entrepreneur sets up a crowdfunding page online, allowing people who believe in the company to donate money. Advantages and Disadvantages of Startups There are a variety of advantages to working for a startup. More responsibility and opportunities to learn are two. As startups have fewer employees than large, established companies, employees tend to wear many hats, working in a variety of roles, which leads to more responsibility as well as opportunities to learn. One of the primary disadvantages of a startup is increased risk. This primarily applies to the success and longevity of a startup. New businesses need to prove themselves and raise capital before they can start turning a profit. Keeping investors happy with the startup's progress is critical. The risk of shutting down or not having enough capital to continue operations before turning a profit is ever-present.

Priya Kesharwani [MBA]

Marketing Manager

How TO Become an Interesting Person Be the best Version of Yourself !! By Nehha S Kotharie Soft Skills Trainer,Graphologist

How  TO Become an Interesting Person

Be the best Version of Yourself !!

By Nehha S Kotharie  Soft Skills Trainer,Graphologist

Think back to a time when you met someone who was so interesting that you hung onto every word they said, and you wanted to spend more time with them to know more. Maybe it was at work, a networking event, a party, or a wedding.

Being interesting is a huge advantage at work and in life. People want to spend time with you when you’re interesting, and they’re more likely to enjoy the time you spend together.

When it comes to being interesting, in my experience, it boils down to the following three traits: perspective, authenticity, and connection.

1. Having a perspective beyond the usual

To be interesting means having a perspective that’s different from the usual. Having something to say and contribute that adds to the conversation, whether that’s broadening or deepening it.

In contrast, someone who agrees blindly or simply regurgitates what’s said is not so interesting, although you might find them reassuring.

The key to having an interesting perspective is what you feed your mind. This could be the books you read, the shows you watch or the podcasts you listen to. It could also be the experiences you have, whether through travel, adversity or peak experiences.

2. Authenticity – showing up in a way that makes you uniquely you. Another element of being interesting is showing up in a way that shows people what makes you uniquely you.

Most of us struggle to show our whole selves, so we respect those who are brave enough to actually do it. It takes courage to let go of societal norms and lean into who we really are. But unshackled is the only state when we do our best work and fulfill our true potential.

The key is not trying to replicate what others do. Like trying to be another Steve Jobs – there’s only one. Instead, it’s finding your own unique voice and way of being. That’s what makes you interesting… and positions you for success.

How much of your true authentic self are you bringing to your work and your life?

3 Connection – how you engage people

The third aspect is how you engage people. Are you making a personal connection? Are you genuinely interested in the other person? And how do you go about sharing what you know?

When it comes to connecting with others, it starts with sharing what you know. Think of that as contributing.

Then it’s about doing that sharing in a natural way as part of the conversation without dominating it. That’s what I call conversing.

And finally, it’s about cross-pollinating. Bringing in ideas from another field that helps people do what they do better and get a new way of looking at things.

And the most important point not to forget is to Learn something creative every day .When is the last time you did something creative or something that you actually love to do?

Do it. It will create a positive impact on your life.

Also, try to learn something that can help you in becoming a better version of yourself and would have an optimistic effect on your work, life, or study.

Nehha S Kotharie 


Soft Skills Trainer

Lesson for Business Leaders

Leadership to Build Great Team and Winning Team   #lbl Lessons for Business Leaders  

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Why Branded MBA Is Better by Priya Kesharwani

 Why Branded MBA Is Better?

by @Priya Kesharwani

Apart from the placement, one of the reasons why thousands of candidates want to get into the tier-1 MBA colleges is the tag that comes with it. Apparently, it enhances the appeal of the candidate’s resume manifold. Candidates want to be associated with institutes that not just have the right rankings on the MBA portals, but also in the society as a whole. When you check the profiles of the candidates over the job portal sites or LinkedIn, you can see a difference in the resume of candidates who have completed their post-graduation from tier-1 colleges, and others who have completed their post-graduation from tier-2, 3 or 4 colleges. Candidates try to associate themselves with an elite B-school, even if they have to pursue a 1-month or a 3-month program to upgrade their resume and add brand value to it. 

Career Opportunities

MBA is one of the degrees which lets the student grab good career opportunities as well as salary. The degree provides holistic development to the students so that they can hone their skills through exposure to case studies, teaching, industry training, consultancy and research with various industry leaders. This helps the students in inculcating practical and efficient skill sets that are required in the industry. When students enter the corporate world, they face a lot of challenges. However, a good MBA institute can help hone their skills and make sure that they can easily overcome the challenges.

In today’s business world, a degree from a tier-1 institute holds value. The multi-national companies go to those colleges only which are top-notch. In addition to it, the overall job crisis makes the competition stronger, and thus it is important to choose a college that offers placement in good companies. Excluding the graduates from the top 40 MBA colleges in India, only 7% of MBA students these days get a job straight away after the completion of the course.

Return on an Investment is a big problem…

The major reason for choosing a big brand is the return on investment. The MBA graduates are spending a ridiculous amount of money on their management education and after completing their degree, they even struggle to find a good-paying job. However, a degree from a branded institute can help them earn lucrative salaries. Even a fresher can opt for some great positions. The tier 2 institutions offer an MBA program that can fetch you a handsome salary package. However, if you go down to tier 3 or 4 colleges then you may have struggled to get a job in India.

The Facilities and Amenities

Without proper infrastructure, it is very difficult for the student to grab knowledge and make sure that their dreams come true. Top colleges offer the students with high-quality amenities and facilities. They are provided with a well-equipped computer lab, a well-stocked library, a good cafeteria, hostel facilities, a place to play some sports and a lot more other facilities.

So, if you want top-quality education, then it is always great to join a branded college.


Priya Kesharwani [MBA]

Marketing Manager

Monday 22 August 2022

How To Become a Freelance Writer By Harneet Kour

 How To Become  a Freelance Writer

#By Harneet Kour

Congratulations! You decided to become a freelance content creator. Sounds fancy? I want to ask you, did you do your homework before you started? The life of a freelancer is not as easy as it may be depicted in the media. Some complexities and struggles confront us daily. You'd better do the research well ahead to get a good idea of what you're up against.

Here are some key points you must understand about being a freelance writer.

  • What does a Freelance writer do?

A freelance content creator creates unique and creative content for various customers and publications. It can be blogs, articles, reviews, scripts, technical content, advertising and more. You can choose whichever industry you want.

As a freelancer, you have the privilege of working remotely. In addition, you have the choice to work on your own or as a team. You can follow the evolution of your clientele and your team by phone, email or video conference.

  • How To Become a Freelance Content Writer?

Here are a few steps to guide you in becoming a freelancer.


The first stage is the introspection and analysis of your competencies. Get as much information as possible about the industry. Research for what the market requires and know what you have to offer.

Read about how great freelancers succeeded. How were they able to keep the projects going, and how did they strategically set the rates? Research how they managed to build and maintain a reputation in the market.

Apart from all this, browse for opportunities for freelance writing jobs online. It helps you understand what types of jobs are available and what writing services are required. In addition, this will give you an idea of the skills necessary and ongoing pricing. All this information will help you build a strong CV and will not let you bid on a false quotation.

Development of skills such as time management and financial management.

As with all other jobs/businesses, freelance work requires appropriate discipline. You need to set specific hours of writing. You must understand the importance of delivering on time. Learn how to manage and monitor your content-ongoing, submitted and pending projects. Besides content, manage the time to stay up to date with your job requests, customer follow-ups and responses. Get in the habit of recording subjects that may be a possible subject of your subsequent writing. This eliminates the need to run out of writing ideas.

There is nothing better than seeking financial advice from professionals themself. Check with an accountant to clear your queries and get sorted with financial details. Open a separate bank account for your business. This will eliminate any confusion concerning money. Ensure you ask your accountant about the taxation and registration procedures. Remember to pay your taxes earlier than the due date.

Maintain a worksheet to record your invoices submitted, received and outstanding. Invest in genuinely worthwhile Applications. These applications are generally costly, and you don't have to invest in them. Select the one that works best for you.

Understanding of Current Writing Conventions.

The rules an author uses to keep writing clear and meaningful are called writing conventions. There are four conventions about writing. These are:

  • Grammar

  • Spellings

  • Punctuation

  • Capitalisation

Every genre has its own rules. It is highly recommended that as a writer, you should keep abreast of these writing conventions. It will help you understand and be knowledgeable about the current standard for writing.

Create your Portfolio.

To be hired, you have to have a writing portfolio. This is a collection of your most significant writings. It presents the niches you know, the subjects you have written about, and your skills and competencies.

This is the most effective marketing tool for your brand. A portfolio allows the client to view your accomplishments without you boasting about them. This will capture the client's attention and give them a reason to hire you.

Pick your Niche.

There are so many things on which to write. Pick your niche. Write about something that interests you and makes you enthusiastic. It will help you save a lot of time researching and preparing.

Choose from a variety of niches that are currently at the forefront of the market. Some are mentioned below:








-Fiction and Non-fiction.

-Travel and tourism.

Start your Blog/website.

An easy way to commercialise your writing is to create a website or blog.  It will assist in strengthening your online presence. You can write and receive opinions and comments, which helps you to understand which improvisations you need.

Search for Online Jobs.

When all is done, the most challenging part follows. Finding a client is the most difficult part of being a freelance content writer. Get ready for lots of research, awareness raising, pitching and rejection too!

Recognise your ideal client. Pitch them through emails that are short and clear. Join links to your best work ( a little,1-2 will do the work).

Well done if you're hired. If you do not, accept rejection gracefully. Don't get disappointed in yourself and quit. Seek feedback on what you lack. Now, try improving your skills. Maintain patience and resiliency. Work hard, research, and continue with your writing. 

Believe in Yourself!

Top Sites for Freelancers : 

Harneet Kour


How To Become a Freelance Writer #By Harneet Kour #freelancewriter #freelance #contentwriter # onlinejobs #niches

The Truth behind Preserved and Processed Food Processed Foods and Health

The Truth behind Preserved and Processed Food

Processed Foods and Health

The Truth Behind Preserved and Processed Food

Processed Foods and Health

Processed foods are generally considered inferior to unprocessed foods. They may call to mind a packaged food item containing several ingredients, perhaps artificial colors, flavors, or other chemical additives. Often referred to as convenience or pre-prepared foods, processed foods are suggested to contribute to the obesity epidemic and the increased prevalence of chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. However, the definition of processed food varies widely depending on the source:

Packaged and processed foods have become an integral part of our lives.

Chips, biscuits, hot food, cold cuts, noodles and frozen snacks are found in most kitchens.

What happens when you consume them regularly?

संरक्षित और प्रसंस्कृत भोजन के पीछे का सच

प्रसंस्कृत खाद्य पदार्थ और स्वास्थ्य

प्रसंस्कृत खाद्य पदार्थ आमतौर पर असंसाधित खाद्य पदार्थों से कमतर माने जाते हैं। वे कई सामग्री, शायद कृत्रिम रंग, स्वाद, या अन्य रासायनिक योजक युक्त एक पैकेज्ड खाद्य पदार्थ को ध्यान में ला सकते हैं। अक्सर सुविधा या पूर्व-तैयार खाद्य पदार्थों के रूप में संदर्भित, प्रसंस्कृत खाद्य पदार्थों को मोटापे की महामारी और हृदय रोग और मधुमेह जैसी पुरानी बीमारियों के बढ़ते प्रसार में योगदान देने का सुझाव दिया जाता है। हालांकि, प्रसंस्कृत भोजन की परिभाषा स्रोत के आधार पर व्यापक रूप से भिन्न होती है:

डिब्बाबंद और प्रसंस्कृत खाद्य पदार्थ हमारे जीवन का अभिन्न अंग बन गए हैं।

चिप्स, बिस्कुट, गरमागरम खाना, कोल्ड कट, नूडल्स और फ्रोजन स्नैक्स ज्यादातर किचन में मिल जाते हैं।

क्या होता है जब आप इनका नियमित सेवन करते हैं?

शराब-सिगरेट की तरह खतरनाक है जंक फूड यानी पिज्जा, बर्गर, हॉट डॉग और चॉकलेट अमेरिकी रिसर्च का दावा एकबार खाने से जिंदगी होती है 10 से 30 मिनट तक कम....!!

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Start Your Business Growth With Our Great Content Development

Start Your Business Growth With Our Great Content Development

Freelance Content Creator| 

Do You  Believe that Content has the Power to Steal all the Limelight.

The Goal of any Great Content Development and Digital Marketer these days is to  Drive sustainable Customer Acquisition and Business Growth.  Earning your Positions with constant site optimisation and Link Building also requires persistent work. is an ecosystem for Startups and Investors. Collaborate or find a Co-Founder, it’s a platform for Entrepreneurs. We love startups! A place for Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists to find investing opportunities in startups. Validate your idea, Learn & Execute.

Now that you know the purpose of Great Content Development and Content Marketing, let me break it down into following baby  steps so you Create and Promote Content that will deliver value to your Business quickly.

#Identify Your Target Audience

#Carry Out Keyword Research

#Identify and Allocate Resources

#Create Content

#Promote to Your Target Market

#Measure Results

In package that starts with  Content Writing Services that will increase your Conversion and Decrease your work load. facilitates funding for startups. We have our own Angel Network and Investment Banking services. We are connected to Angel Investors & VCs in different Countries that ensure that our member startups have easy access to external funds to scale up constantly.

HR Assistant 

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