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Sunday 9 March 2014

Story of Flight MH370

Story of Flight MH370 so far. 

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Its interesting and Informative.

1. The Boeing 777-2H6ER, registration 9M-MRO MSN 28420, first flew on 14 May 2002, and was delivered new to Malaysia Airlines on 31 May 2002.
2. The Aircraft was powered by two Rolls-Royce Trent 892 engines.
3. It had accumulated 20,243 hours and 3,023 cycles in service.
4. The Aircraft was involved in a prior accident at Shanghai Pudong airport in August 2012, where its wingtip collided with another Aircraft and broke off.
5. The plane B777-300 ER Registration # 9M-MRO was last inspected 10 days ago and was “in proper condition,” Ignatius Ong, CEO of Malaysia Airlines subsidiary Firefly airlines, said at a news conference.

6. However there is a news that just a day before the crash the Aircraft had been on A-Check on KLIA hangar
7. B777-200ER Registration # 9M-MRO of Malaysian airlines flew as flight MH370 at 12:41 am on Saturday 8th March 2014.
8. Aircraft took off at 12:41 am from Kuala Lumpur and was due to land at Beijing at 6:30 am
9. 239 people on board
10. The 53-year-old pilot of Flight MH370, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, has more than 18,000 flying hours and has been flying for the airline since 1981. The first officer, 27-year-old Fariq Hamid, has about 2,800 hours of experience and has flown for the airline since 2007
11. B777 flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing went missing in South China Sea
12. Last known location was off the country's Ca Mau peninsula 6°55′15″N 103°34′43″E (approximately 130 km/80 mi NNE of Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia). 120 nautical miles (220 km) east of Kota Bharu at the South China Sea
13. The plane had been flying at an altitude of 35,000ft (10,700m)
14. The pilots had not reported any problems with the Aircraft
15. Aircraft lost contact at 02:40 am
16. The plane “lost all contact and radar signal one minute before it entered Vietnam’s air traffic control (Ho Chi Minh Area Control Center),” Lt. Gen. Vo Van Tuan, deputy chief of staff of the Vietnamese army, said in a statement.
17. No ELT signal to locate the wreckage.
18. No Mayday signal either.
(Aircraft’s black box is equipped with “pinger” that emit ultrasonic signals that can be detected underwater. Under good conditions, the signals can be detected from several hundred miles away If the box is trapped inside the wreckage, the sound may not travel as far. If the box is at the bottom of an underwater trench, that also hinders how far the sound can travel. The signals also weaken over time.)
19. Search and rescue operation started
20. The oil slicks sighted off the southern tip of Vietnam by Vietnamese Navy were each between 10 kilometers and 15 kilometers long
21. the oil was spotted, the air search was suspended for the night and was to resume Sunday morning.
22. No floating debris except Oil slick found at the suspected area of crash.
23. No distress call from the pilot before it lost contact
24. No ELT signal.
25. Two passengers were onboard with stolen passports. The passports belonged to an Austrian National and an Italian national. Both the passports were stolen in Thailand. One was stolen 18 months ago and another one 2 years ago.
26. Questions are being raised for possible act of terrorism in this regard. But there is also a possibility that the passports have been used multiple times after theft by drug smugglers on the same route.
Points to think from a professional Aircraft engineer’s point of view:
1. A sudden loss of contact is possible only in case of a sudden catastrophe. Possibilities are Aircraft hit by a missile, onboard bombing, fuel tank explosion (check out CDCCL which had been an all time issue on Boeing Aircraft) or just anything else technical in nature that eventually put the Aircraft in pieces.
2. But the chances of an Aircraft blown up in the air are bleak because no floating debris has been found yet.
3. But if the Aircraft managed to land on the water in one single piece that means the pilot had time to make a distress call or a manual ELT signal. Why didn’t he do that?
4. If the Aircraft had an impact over the sea…there should have been an ELT signal…but there was nothing.
5. This big pressurized piece of cylinder just cannot go down from air into the depths of an ocean in one signal piece unless and until it had landed on water after the pilot had performed landing on water drill…(ample time for pilot to give a distress call)…and then rescued the passengers in emergency rafts that too have a system of an emergency beacon signal.
6. What seems perfect is the Aircraft had blown up in the air… a sudden blast…and the suspected location of crash is the wrong one…the debris is floating somewhere else and will be discovered in a day or two as it floats apart.

MH 370 Passenger Manifest 

8 Mar 2014



1 AN/WENLAN Chinese 65
2 BAO/YUANHUA Chinese 63
3 BAI/XIAOMO Canadian 37
4 BIAN/MAOQIN Chinese 67
8 BURROWS/RODNEYMR Australian 59
9 BURROWS/MARYMRS Australian 54
10 CAO/RUI Chinese 32
11 CHAN/HUANPEENMR Malaysian 46
12 CHE/JUNZHANG Chinese 68
13 CHEN/JIAN Chinese 58
15 CHEN/WEI Malaysian 43
16 CHEN/YUNMS Chinese 57
17 CHEW/KARMOOIMS Malaysian 31
18 CHUANG/HSIULINGMS Chinese Taipei 45
19 CHNG/MEI Malaysian 33
20 CHUSTRAK/OLEG Ukrainian 45
21 DAI/SHULING Chinese 58
22 DAISY/ANNE Malaysian 56
23 DEINEKA/SERGII Ukrainian 45
24 DI/JIABIN Chinese 36
26 DING/YING Chinese 28
27 DING/LIJUN Chinese 43
28 DING/YINGMS Chinese 62
29 DONG/GUOWEI Chinese 48
30 DOU/YUNSHANMR Chinese 61
31 DU/WEN Chinese 50
32 FENG/DONG Chinese 21
33 FENG/JIXIN Chinese 70
34 FU/BAOFENG Chinese 28
35 GAN/TAO Chinese 44
36 GAN/FUXIANG Chinese 49
37 GAO/GE Chinese 27
38 GU/NAIJUN Australian 31
MH370 Passenger Manifest
8 Mar 2014

39 GUAN/HUAJINMS Malaysian 34
40 GUAN/WENJIEMR Chinese 35
41 HAN/JING Chinese 53
42 HASHIM/NOORIDA Malaysian 57
43 HOU/AIQINMS Chinese 45
44 HOU/BO Chinese 35
45 HU/SIWANCHD Chinese 3
46 HU/XIAONINGMR Chinese 34
47 HUANG/YIMS Chinese 30
48 HUANG/TIANHUI Chinese 43
49 HUE/PUIHENGMR Malaysian 66
50 JIA/PING Chinese 32
51 JIANG/CUIYUN Chinese 62
52 JIANG/XUEREN Chinese 62
53 JIANG/YINGMS Chinese 27
54 JIAO/WEIWEI Chinese 32
55 JIAO/WENXUE Chinese 58
56 JINGHANG/JEE Malaysian 41
57 JU/KUN Chinese 32
58 KANG/XU Chinese 34
59 KOH/TIONGMENG Malaysian 40
62 KOLEKAR/VINOD Indian 59
63 KOZEL/CHRISTIAN Austrian 30
65 LAWTON/ROBERTMR Australian 58
66 LEE/KAHKINMR Malaysian 32
67 LEE/SEWCHUMDM Malaysian 55
68 LI/YANLIN Chinese 29
69 LI/ZHI Chinese 41
70 LI/GUOHUI Chinese 56
71 LI/HONGJING Chinese 20
72 LI/JIE Chinese 27
73 LI/MINGZHONG Chinese 69
74 LI/WENBO Chinese 29
75 LI/YAN Chinese 31
76 LI/YUAN Australian 33
77 LI/YUCHEN Chinese 27
78 LI/ZHIJIN Chinese 30
MH370 Passenger Manifest
8 Mar 2014

79 LI/ZHIXIN Chinese 35
80 LI/LE Chinese 36
81 LIANG/LUYANGMR Chinese 60
82 LIANG/XUYANG Chinese 30
83 LIM/POWCHUAMS Malaysian 43
84 LIN/ANNANMR Chinese 27
85 LIN/MINGFENG Chinese 34
86 LIU/FENGYING Chinese 65
87 LIU/JINPENGMR Chinese 33
88 LIU/QIANG Chinese 40
89 LIU/RUSHENG Chinese 76
90 LIU/SHUNCHAO Chinese 46
91 LIU/ZHONGFU Chinese 72
92 LOU/BAOTANG Chinese 79
93 LU/JIANHUA Chinese 57
94 LU/XIANCHU Chinese 33
95 LUI/CHING Chinese 45
96 LUO/WEI Chinese 29
97 MA/WENZHI Chinese 57
98 MA/JUNMR Chinese 33
100 MAO/TUGUI Chinese 72
101 MARALDI/LUIGI Italian 37
104 MENG/NICOLECHD American 4
105 MENG/BING Chinese 40
106 MENG/FANQUAN Chinese 70
107 MENG/GAOSHENG Chinese 64
113 NG/MAYLIMS Malaysian 37
115 OUYANG/XIN Chinese 38
117 RAMLAN/SAFUANMR Malaysian 32
MH370 Passenger Manifest
8 Mar 2014

119 SHI/XIANWEN Chinese 26
121 SIM/KENGWEI Malaysian 53
122 SIREGAR/FIRMAN Indonesian 25
123 SONG/FEIFEIMR Chinese 32
124 SONG/CHUNLINGMS Chinese 60
125 SONG/KUN Chinese 25
126 SU/QIANGGUO Chinese 71
129 SUGIANTO/LOMR Indonesian 47
131 TAN/TEIKHINMR Malaysian 32
132 TAN/AHMENGMR Malaysian 46
133 TAN/WEICHEWMR Malaysian 19
134 TAN/CHONGLING Malaysian 48
135 TAN/SIOH Malaysian 42
136 TANG/XUDONG Chinese 31
137 TANG/XUEZHUMS Chinese 57
139 TEE/LINKEONGMR Malaysian 50
140 TEOH/KIMLUNMR Malaysian 36
141 TIAN/JUNWEI Chinese 29
142 TIAN/QINGJUN Chinese 51
143 TONG/SOONLEEMR Malaysian 31
145 WAN/HOCKKHOONMR Malaysian 42
146 WANG/SHOUXIAN Chinese 69
147 WANG/SHU Chinese 61
148 WANG/XIANJUN Chinese 61
149 WANG/CHUNHUAMR Chinese 34
150 WANG/CHUNYONG Chinese 43
151 WANG/DAN Chinese 54
152 WANG/HAITAO Chinese 26
153 WANG/HOUBIN Chinese 28
154 WANG/LINSHI Chinese 59
156 WANG/YONGGANGMR Chinese 27
157 WANG/YONGHUI Chinese 33
158 WANG/YONGQIANG Chinese 30
MH370 Passenger Manifest
8 Mar 2014

159 WANG/LIJUN Chinese 49
160 WANG/XIMIN New Zealander 50
161 WANG/RUI Chinese 35
162 WANG/MOHENG Chinese 2
166 WEEKS/PAULMR New Zealander 39
167 WEN/YONGSHENG Chinese 34
168 WEN/HAO Chinese 32
169 WENG/MEI Chinese 39
170 WONG/SAISANGMR Malaysian 53
171 WOOD/PHILIP American 51
172 XIE/LIPING Chinese 51
173 XIN/XIXIMS Chinese 32
174 XING/FENGTAO Chinese 36
175 XING/QIAO Chinese 27
176 XIONG/DEMING Chinese 63
177 XU/CHUANE Chinese 57
178 YA/NA Chinese 26
179 YAN/LINGMR Chinese 29
180 YAN/PENG Chinese 29
181 YAN/XIAO Chinese 27
182 YANG/LI Chinese 35
183 YANG/AILINGMS Chinese 60
184 YANG/JIABAO Chinese 26
185 YANG/MEIHUA Chinese 65
186 YANG/QINGYUANMR Chinese 57
187 YANG/XIAOMINGMS Chinese 59
188 YAO/JIANFENG Chinese 70
189 YAO/LIFEI Chinese 31
190 YAP/CHEEMENGMR Malaysian 39
191 YIN/BOYAN Chinese 33
192 YIN/YUEWANG Chinese 21
193 YUAN/JIN Chinese 63
194 YUE/GUIJUMS Chinese 51
195 YUE/WENCHAO Chinese 26
196 YUSOP/MUZIMR Malaysian 50
197 ZANG/LINGDI Chinese 58
198 ZHANG/CHI Chinese 58
MH370 Passenger Manifest
8 Mar 2014

199 ZHANG/LIQIN Chinese 43
200 ZHANG/QIMS Chinese 31
201 ZHANG/YAN Chinese 45
202 ZHANG/HUAMR Chinese 43
203 ZHANG/LIJUANMS Chinese 61
204 ZHANG/NAMS Chinese 34
205 ZHANG/SIMING Chinese 71
206 ZHANG/XIAOLEIMS Chinese 32
207 ZHANG/HUALIAN Chinese 42
208 ZHANG/JIANWU Chinese 31
209 ZHANG/JINQUAN Chinese 72
210 ZHANG/MENG Chinese 29
211 ZHANG/XUEWENMR Chinese 61
212 ZHANG/YAN Chinese 36
213 ZHANG/YAN American 2
214 ZHANG/YANHUI Chinese 44
215 ZHANG/ZHONGHAI Chinese 43
216 ZHANG/SHAOHUA Chinese 32
217 ZHAO/GANGMR Chinese 46
218 ZHAO/QIWEIMR Chinese 37
220 ZHAO/PENG Chinese 25
221 ZHAO/YAN French 18
222 ZHAO/ZHAOFANG Chinese 73
223 ZHENG/RUIXIAN Chinese 42
224 ZHOU/FENG Chinese 56
225 ZHOU/JINLING Chinese 61
226 ZHOU/SHIJIE Chinese 64
227 ZHU/JUNYAN Chinese 41

MH370 Passenger Manifest
8 Mar 2014

CREW) Malaysian
4 ANDREW NARI Malaysian
5 GOH SOCK LAY Malaysian
6 TAN SER KUIN Malaysian
HASNAN Malaysian
10 NG YAR CHIEN Malaysian
11 FOONG WAI YUENG Malaysian
12 TAN SIZE HIANG Malaysian

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Thursday 6 March 2014


Date: Mar 6, 2014
From: Dan Bertasi (toursbylocals staff)
Regarding: Howard Duhon
Message:  Hey Shekhar,

Hey Shekhar,

Just wanted to share with you an email Howard sent us... congratulations... you caused a very good impression on him!


Yesterday I had the most wonderful tour of Bhopal with Captain Shekhar.

As you may remember my scheduled flight to Bhopal last week was cancelled due to weather and I missed the originally scheduled date. Fortunately I'm still in India and Captain Shekhar and I found a mutually available date yesterday.

In addition to my appreciation to Captain Shekhar for his flexibility I also want to note that he did a spectacular job. I had a particular political interest in going to Bhopal, things that no tour guide would be expected to know much about. But Captain Shekhar did some homework and used his local connections to obtain access to sites that are generally off limits to tourists. And the touristy part of the tour was also excellent as Shekhar clearly knows the area very well. Given my side interests we did not have time to see all the tourist sites he normally covers. He provided a succinct summary of what was available to see and made it easy to choose an itinerary we had time for. And he pretty much convinced me that I'll need to go back to Bhopal later to see what I missed.

And as a final bonus, though I am already pretty familiar with India food, Shekhar introduced me to local dishes that I was not familiar with (after making me swear multiple times that my stomach could take it).

Perfect tour!

Thanks for your help in putting us together. I hope your other tour guides are this good, because I'll be using Tours by Locals for other trips.


Howard Duhon
Systems Engineering Manager"

Thank you very much for your hard work!

Best regards,

Dan Bertasi
Customer Service Support
Vancouver, Canada

Phone: +1.604.777.4141 Ext. 72
Toll-free: 1.866.844.6783 (North America)
Skype: danb-toursbylocals

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Doubts Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will

Doubts Kills More 
Dreams Than Failure
Ever Will 

There Are Far Far
Better Dreams Ahead
Than We Left Behind 

Happy Landings ..........

Capt Shekhar Gupta
AeroSoft Corp
W :
E  :

Monday 3 March 2014

Meeting with Mr. Michael Donald a United States VC and IT Professional

Meeting with Mr. Michael Donald a United States VC and IT Professional

Flight : 9W / S2 - 2654
Route  : DEL - BPL
ETA    : 0805
Date   : 24 Feb 2014

It should have been a very Fine start of the week on a Monday morning. I got up at 03:00 o'clock that day. I had to drive down to Bhopal for a meeting with a United States professional, Mr. Michael Donald. We were going to carve out an important deal which was supposed to determine the future of my organisation as-well-as his.  Winters returned suddenly in Indore, in fact the entire North India, bringing with  it a chilly breeze. Because of a sudden change in climate, I had caught little  cough and cold with a hay fever.

My wife, Mrs. Samira Surbhi Gupta, had advised me to postpone this meeting but  since Mr. Donald was coming to Bhopal for only a day and had no plans to coming to Indore, a postponement would have meant a cancellation of the deal and also a bad impression.

So, I decided to go ahead and started for Bhopal at 04:00 o'clock in the morning.  Fortunately, my friends Anshul and Monika  also had to go to Bhopal for catch Raipur Flight of Jet Airways  and we had decided to car pool in my car  MP09 TA 5969, the previous day. So, me and Anshul  were sitting behind while Monika was sitting in the front with the Car Driver Anil.

At the start, we all were chatting and enjoying the morning breeze. But since I was not well, I decided not to be a part of chit chatting and to take a nap and sleep.  After 45 minutes when I woke up, I saw both my friends sleeping too.

We reached Bhopal around 0630 hrs. Mr. Donald was supposed to land at 0805 hrs from Delhi. He was coming by Jet Airways Flight no 9w 2654  in the Business Class. It was a Boeing 737 Aircraft.

I reached Bhopal Airport (Raja Bhoj International Airport) and when I went to check the status of the Flight, I got a shock. The flight was delayed by almost 2 hours. The  reason given was extreme fog in Delhi.  In fact, fog had engulfed Bhopal and Indore  as well.

Ideally, our Delhi Airport which is Indira Gandhi International Airport, is CAT III  equipped, which means flights can take off or land even at a visibility of less than  100 mts. But, for this, even the Aircraft should be CAT III equipped and its ILS  (Instrument Landing System) should be in place. Another requirement is that the  Pilots of the Aircraft has to be CAT III trained.   Being a Pilot, I know that it is obvious that Mr. Donalds' Aircraft did not  meet either of these conditions, hence the delay.

I decided to make a call to him. He picked up and said that he is waiting in the  Security arena for the call to board. As we were talking, there was another  announcement from Jet Airways saying that the flight was further delayed by one  more hour.

We had no option but to wait at each of our respective Airports. He told me that   when he will start boarding, he will give me a call. After one hour, I again made a  call to Mr. Donald and he was still at the security lounge. I hanged up visibly  Frustrated and I am sure so was Mr. Donald at Delhi.

The shocker came after half an hour when he called me and said that the flight was cancelled!!! He continued that now he can not make it to Bhopal as he had to return to US the next day. I was aware of this and it came like a mental hurricane as I had made a lot of effort for getting to Bhopal from Indore and now my whole day seemed wasted. More than that, I was sad that the deal didn't go through. Mr. Donald mentioned that we can meet on his next visit but was not sure when it will be.

I was both saddened and tired. My excitement and effort was of no use and I had to return back to Indore empty-handed. Also, I was little worried that what impression will Mr. Donald carry of India's Aviation scenario and will he ever be interested to come back here?

Having these thoughts in mind, I told my driver to return back. He was also seemingly surprised.

I reached home at Indore around at 14:00 Hrs and was very upset. My health seemed to deteriorate because of the journey and the incident. I decided to call it a day and went to sleep. So, thats' how my week started. You can imagine how the rest of the week would have been!!!

Date: Jan 4, 2014
From: Michael Donald (Traveler)
Message: Capt. Shekhar,

Thank you again for your quick reply. I will be there on Feb 24 arriving at 8:05 am on Jet Airways flight 2654 and will leave Bhopal that evening at 9:25 pm.

If you can pick me up at the Airport and Deliver me back to the Airport after the tour that will be perfect.

If that is good for you I will go to the website and book the Flights.

Michael Donald

Thursday 27 February 2014

India's Biggest Cheater Tycoon Sahara India Chief Subrata Roy Arrested by UP Police

Air Sahara Chief Shri Subrata Roy moves SC as UP Police reach his home to Arrest him

Sahara India Chief Subrata Roy faces Arrest in Uttar Pradesh, the UP State Police said on Thursday, a day after the Supreme Court issued a Non-Bailable Arrest Warrant against him for failing to appear before it. The police have reached Sahara Shaher in Lucknow to Arrest him. Meanwhile, Roy had filed an application in the Supreme Court asking it to recall its Arrest Warrant against him. Roy had reportedly told the court that his 92 Years Old Mother was undergoing treatment at his Hospital in Lucknow. Subrato Roy faces arrest in the Sebi-Sahara case for failing to refund over Rs 20,000 crore to its investors. SEBI, the Capital Market regulator, had asked Sahara to refund the Poor Investors' Hard Earnd Money which it said was raised Illegally. Subrata Sahara, however, retorted that Sebi had no jurisdiction over it as it was not a listed company.

The Supreme Court dismissed Subrata Sahara's plea and asked it to pay the amount with interest. Roy repeatedly missed the court's deadlines to comply with its orders.

Other Subrata Scams List

From Subrata Roy's Sahara Group to sundry SMS scams, 2013 

From large corporates like Subrata Roy's Sahara Group to unknown individuals perpetrating SMS investment scams, it was a year marked by many penal actions and even 

Subrata Roy Sahara (born 10 June 1948) is an Indian businessman who is the founder and chairman of the Sahara India Pariwar, an Indian conglomerate …
2G spectrum scam: SC issues contempt notice against Sahara ...

The Supreme Court on Monday issued show cause notices of criminal contempt to Sahara chief Subrata Roy and two others for allegedly interfering with the investigation ...
Allegation against Subrata Roy for interfering in 2G scam ...

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Monday stated that allegation against Sahara chief Subrata Roy for interfering in the probe in 2G scam is "maintainable". The apex ...
Articles about Subrata Roy - Economic Times

Subroto Roy may refer to: Subroto Roy (economist) Subrata Roy, Founder and Chairman of the Sahara India Pariwar

Supreme Court today held that the plea against Subrata Roy for allegedly interfering with the probe in 2G scam is maintainable, in more trouble to Sahara Chief ...

The Supreme Court on Monday held that the plea against Sahara chief Subrata Roy for allegedly interfering with the probe in 2G scam is maintainable.

The Supreme Court today held that the plea against Subrata Roy for allegedly interfering with the probe in 2G scam is maintainable, in more trouble to ...

Subrata Roy Sahara Cricket Stadium
Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium
Sahara India Owner Cheating
Sahara Group India Scams
Subrata Roy House
Subrata Roy Family
Subrata Roy Son

2011 से पहले की राजनीति पर एक नज़र डालिए:-

1. कांग्रेस कोल ब्लाक की रेवड़ियां बाँट रही थी, और बीजेपी, BJD जैसी सरकारें उसकी सिफारिश कर रही थी.

2. CWG में कलमाड़ी साहब पैसे बना रहे थे और विजय कुमार मल्होत्रा जी भी.

3. 2G के कारण संसद तो पूरी तरह से ठप्प थी ही.

4. चौहान साहब आदर्श घोटाले में फ्लैट बाँट रहे थे. राजठाकरे/बालठाकरे उत्तर भारतीयों पर जुल्म ढा रहे थे.

5. मायावती जी UP लूट रही थी, और निशंक उत्तराखंड.

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Monday 24 February 2014

Employees of Kingfisher Airlines have sought to file a First Information Report (FIR) against Chairman MD Dr Vijay Mallya

Employees of Kingfisher Airlines have sought to file a First Information  Report (FIR) against Chairman MD Dr Vijay Mallya on grounds of abetment to Suicide, Exploitation, Fraud and Breach of Trust. Employees in other parts of the country have been asked to follow suit in their locations.

Employees of Kingfisher Airlines have sought to file a First Information  Report (FIR) against Chairman MD Dr Vijay Mallya for not being paid salaries for 17 months. The employees in Delhi have on Monday spearheaded an indefinite hunger strike in the Capital and have called on colleagues nationwide to join in the protests with their families at Jantar Mantar.

The employees of the grounded carrier, reeling under debt of over Rs 6000 crore, said they have written to the commissioner of Delhi Police seeking action against Dr Mallya on grounds of abetment to Suicide, Exploitation, Fraud and Breach of Trust. Employees in other parts of the country have been asked to follow suit in their locations.

While a source in the police department said the case for an FIR remains thin, the Delhi Police has not officially responded to the employees. The wife of a Kingfisher employee had committed suicide last year citing financial stress after her husband was not paid salaries for months, even before the airline was grounded in October last year.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation had cancelled the Airline's License to Fly when engineers did not Certify Airworthiness post safety checks, in protest for nonpayment of dues. Mallya now has a two-year window to renew the licence and has been repeatedly insisting that a potential suitor is keen on investing in the Airline.

However, no claims have borne fruit yet. While Dr Mallya had initially lashed out at employees saying they were free to leave the airline if they wish to do so, he has now asked them to be patient and support him in the revival of the “best” airline in the country.

From sporting black armbands during operations to threats of hunger strikes, camps in Kingfisher House to UB Tower and protests outside Mallya’s other events like the IPL, Employees have not left any stone unturned in highlighting their issue before their Management. However, employees at Jantar Mantar said the Kingfisher Airlines Management had not responded to their emails intimating the company about the indefinite Hunger Strike on Monday. 

The management has not shown us any support or responded to our notice of a Hunger Strike. We have also written to the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister and the Delhi Police Commissioner. We are waiting to file an FIR against Mallya on charges of abetment to suicide and false promises made to us,” an employee at Jantar Mantar protest said. “Employees posted in other countries are being paid due to strict salary payment regulations there but unfortunately in India, we have none and hence we have resorted to an indefinite hunger strike.”

Not just the employees, creditors too have taken the company to various Indian courts to recover their loans. A consortium of banks led by State Bank of India are fighting for dues of over Rs 7000 crore from the company. Not just banks, Kingfisher Airlines also owes about Rs 400 crore to the Airports Authority of India, in addition to defaulting on service tax payment.