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When the Cat is Away, the Mice Play the Games :-)

When the Cat is Away, the Mice Play the Games :-) As CEO of AeroSoft Corp I learnt a lot many Lessions from my Team. Most of tham work only for Money Not for Job Satisfaction or New Learning. The Worst Part is No Loyalty Left rather if they get a Simple Chance to Put you into trouble They would love to do so. Even The Drivers and Maids are the Same. You Only needs to be strong Enough to Manage the Situation. Its become competition among all Team members who can do maximum Irregularty. See below story here. This Middle-Aged Lady, Ms. Miranda, was employed in a Corporate company's Seattle office and was employed there for last 3 years. She was in the middle-management cadre, was married and had an 8-years old daughter. She was good in work and nobody had any complaints. But the problem started 4 months back when the bosses found out that she was not able to complete her work on time even though she remained in the office full-time and hardly took leaves. Wh

Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party

2011 से पहले की राजनीति पर एक नज़र डालिए:- 1. कांग्रेस कोल ब्लाक की रेवड़ियां बाँट रही थी, और बीजेपी, BJD जैसी सरकारें उसकी सिफारिश कर रही थी. 2. CWG में कलमाड़ी साहब पैसे बना रहे थे और विजय कुमार मल्होत्रा जी भी. 3. 2G के कारण संसद तो पूरी तरह से ठप्प थी ही. 4. चौहान साहब आदर्श घोटाले में फ्लैट बाँट रहे थे. राजठाकरे/बालठाकरे उत्तर भारतीयों पर जुल्म ढा रहे थे. 5. मायावती जी UP लूट रही थी, और निशंक उत्तराखंड. 6. मोदी जी अदानी/अम्बानी को 1 रुपये एकड़ में ज़मीन दे रहे थे. 7. यदुरप्पा जी कर्णाटक की खदाने खाली कर रहे थे, धूमल जी हिमाचल के पहाड़ बेच रहे थे. 8. रोबर्ट वाड्रा भी खुश था और S भट्टाचार्य भी. 9. आईपीएल में राजीव शुक्ला और जेटली जी मिलकर कमा रहे थे. 10. मीडिया भी हीरो/हिरोइनों के ठुमको और क्रिकेट में ही गुम था. 11. बुद्धिजीवी देश छोड़ कर जा रहे थे, और युवाओं की राजनीति में कोई दिलचस्पी ही नहीं थी. कितनी अच्छी तरह से देश चल रहा था. इस कम्बखत  केजरीवाल ने सब गुड गोबर कर दिया. Arvind Kejriwal Is Arvind Kejriwal Is an Honest Person, Arvind Kejriwal is a Visionar

Rich Or Poor

एक बार एक महिला पिकनिक के दौरान एक फ़ाइव स्टार होटल में ठहरी। उस महिला का एक बच्चा था जिसकी उम्र साल, दो साल थी। "क्या बच्चे के लिए एक कप दूध मिलेगा?", बच्चे की माँ ने होटल के मैनेजर से पूछा। मैनेजर: " Yes mam, it’s just for Rs. 120" महिला: "ठीक है, एक कप दूध भिजवा दीजिए" घर लौटते समय बच्चे को फिर से भूख लगी तो उस महिला ने गाडी को सड़क किनारे एक टूटी झोपड़ी में बनी चाय की दुकान पर रोका और वहाँ से दूध लेकर बच्चे की भूख को शांत किया। दूध के पैसे पूछने पर बूढा दुकान मालिक बोला, "बेटी हम बच्चे के दूध के पैसे नहीं लेते। रास्ते के लिए थोड़ा और लेती जाओ, बच्चा है, भूख तो लगेगी ही।“ घर लौटते वक़्त बच्चे की माँ के मन में एक सवाल बार-बार घूम रहा था,  “अमीर कौन?  फ़ाइव स्टार होटल वाला या टूटी झोपड़ी वाला?” अजीब है आम आदमी भी

An Open Letter to CEO and Team of Naukri Dot Com

An Open Letter to CEO and Team of Naukri Dot Com Mr Sanjeev Bikhchandani Founder and Executive Vice Chairman Mr Hitesh Oberoi Managing Director and CEO Mr Ambarish Raghuvanshi Group President Finance and CFO Dear Team of Naukri Dot Com, I am very sorry to Inform you about Mistakes made by Your Team. How good is it for an employee Ms Nidhi Dobriyal [ ] of a big corporation to taper to unjust practices just to reach  her target ? Well, I have got a real life example by an employee Ms Nidhi Dobriyal of So called most famous job portal, We at AeroSoft Corporation, purchased a subscription from this job Portal of 250 postings in October 2013 . In the last 3 months, I was able to consume some 100 postings while the rest were available. So far We paid more then couple of Lakhs Rupees. We were working with Er Amit Goyal [ BE and MBA ] since last Five Years and never had any problems before.  He is an extremely talented Engineer and Manag

Naukri Dot Com

How good is it for an employee of a big corporation to taper to unjust practices just to  reach his/her target?  Well, I have got a real life example by an employee of a famous job portal,  I, on behalf of my company, AeroSoft Corporation, purchased a subscription from this job  Portal of 250 postings in October 2013 . In the last 3 months, I was able to consume  some 100 postings while the rest were available.  Now, I hear of some new Business Manager, Ms. Nidhi, in the Noida region who joined this  job portal. She calls me one fine day and tells me that she has to complete her target  for the fiscal and asked me If she can republish my old postings to complete her target.  As this was not harming me in any way, I told her to go ahead. However, to my shock, I later came to know that she also used my remaining postings and  that too with the old Human Resources personnel's contact no. In no time, all my  postings were consumed. It caused me a heavy losses in

Real Estate

Real Estate  Real Estate is the Biggest and the Most Important Shopping Product, both for the Buyer and the Seller. Real Estate Market in India has seen many ups and downs since many Years. There is a feeling that the Markets may go down further by 20% - 30% in next few Years. But its not all and there is a lot which is Positive about the Sector too in India. Let us try to find out some Optimistic facts about the Industry in India: a) Since last Two Decades, there has been a commendableGrowth in Real Estate and Infrastructure Field in India. From Homes to Apartments, Roads to Highways, Offices to Malls, the Growth is just unprecedented. This shows that even though the Graph may be down for a while, there is no need to despair in the long run.  b) The Real Estate Growth Story has been attributed to few Factors like the Increasing Purchasing Power, High Per Capita Incomes, favourable Demographics, Customer-friendly Banks and Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs), favourable Refo

Top 5 Good and Bad India's Person of the Year 2013

Top 5 Good and Bad  India's Person of the Year 2013 1. Arvind Kejriwal 2. Virat Koli 3. Ratan Tata 4. Raghuram Rajan 5. Yashraj Kandya Arvind Kejriwal: Person of The Year Mr Arvind Kejriwal [ An IITian and Ex IRS ]  is the creator of a new matrix of clean politics, without the traditional baggage of caste, community, religion and region.  To them, he is a radical minus the slogans; someone who can battle and eliminate corruption, and improve everyday lives. Even his foes are realizing now that he is perhaps more than a cocky peddler of impossible dreams that they made him out to be; rather, he is emblematic of an idea whose time has come. Kejriwal and his party have sought to exorcise the society from corruption and help the disempowered exercise what they have been disentitled from. 45-year-old former IRS officer's public conduct has altered the very idea of what a politician and a political party should be. At a time when red beacons typify the vulgarity of