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Small Businesses [ SMEs ] have no choice but to use the Cloud Computing

The cons of the Cloud are the same for all companies, but Small Businesses can't afford the traditional-IT alternative

What's interesting is that small and larger businesses cite the same complaints around the use of cloud-based platforms, particularly regarding the lack of control. Security is always a concern, but I've yet to hear about people running off with cloud data, even when it occurs daily in enterprises on traditional systems.

However, small businesses really have no choice but to use the cloud. A traditional approach to IT typically means a high overhead cost. Saddled with such costs, small businesses wouldn't be able to compete in a market where their counterparts are paying half as much on IT to chase same amount of revenue.

Thus, most small businesses have few options other than cloud computing. They can certainly complain about the lack of control and security perceptions, but the benefits hugely outweigh the deficits. In fact, the use of the cloud should be exciting for small businesses: New businesses can start up on a shoestring now that most IT resources can come from the cloud.

Still, there will always be the good with the bad. Cloud computing is not at all perfect, but it will continue to evolve to better service businesses -- small businesses now, perhaps larger businesses in the future.

Small businesses have no choice but to use the cloud
I always pay attention to business publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, when they write about cloud computing. Their writing is very reflective of how business sees this technology and will ultimately play a part in the success of cloud ...
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Disk Or No Disk - Cloud Computing Services Not Taxable In Virginia
Mondaq News Alerts (registration)
If you are located in Virginia and use a cloud computing service, and you (or your cloud provider) received a disk, manual, or other incidental tangible property in connection with your purchase of the service, you may have been spooked by a ruling ...
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Cloud Computing Has Officially Brought The Global Cyber War To The US ...
Business Insider
Last week Nicole Perlroth of The New York Times reported that a recent cyber attack on major U.S. banks were so powerful because they were directed through hijacked data centers (i.e. the cloud) around the would instead of individual computers.
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Business Insider
Picking the Right Cloud Storage Solution
Finding the right cloud storage provider is now easier with small business and consumer review site, who announced a cloud storage category offering consumers its top picks. It also allows visitors to compare cloud storage services like ...
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Cloud Computing and Security: Cloud Vendors Still Need to Resolve the Sticky ...
Formtek Blog (blog)
The move of businesses to the cloud is occurring at a remarkable speed. While estimates of the truecloud market size are all over the map, everyone seems to agree that we're talking about many billions of dollars. Forrester estimates that by 2020 the ...
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Google Postini Alternatives: Excel Micro, Reflexion Ink Cloud Deal
Talkin' Cloud
Excel Micro, a top Google Apps (NASDAQ: GOOG) channel partner and clouddistributor, remains loyal to the search giant. But Excel Micro also continues to diversify its revenue stream and SaaS product portfolio for resellers. The latest example: Excel ...
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9 Questions to Ask When Negotiating a Cloud Computing Contract
Becker's Hospital Review
Cloud computing is fairly new to the healthcare industry and for this reason, providers and users are still trying to figure out the best way to negotiate contracts for cloud services, according to a Forbes report. According to an article recently ...
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Channel Partners Poised to Help Enterprises Build Software-Defined Networks
CIO Australia
This flexibility dovetails with initiatives such as cloud computing, with its dynamic provisioning of resources. Anthony Robbins, vice president of federal sales at Brocade Communications Systems, described SDN as an opportunity to address outmoded ...
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Cloud revenues to triple in next five years to $72.5b by 2015
“Oracle is ramping up its efforts to promote its cloud portfolio and is committed to the cloud with embedded social element,” Hurd said. He estimates that by 2014 around 14 million more jobs will be created due due to cloud computing. The technology ...
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Xform Computing, the Leader in Cloud-Powered Apps for Mobile Devices, Rolls ...
PR Newswire (press release)
SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Jan. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Xform Computing, leader in cloud-powered apps for mobile devices, announces its VirtualChrome iPad app is available in the iTunes App Store . Using the power of cloud computing, the VirtualChrome ...
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