Kingfisher’s A380 order still active

Airbus, which said the A380’s order book comprises 262 firm orders from 20 customers, acknowledged India’s Kingfisher Airlines order for five of the type “looks shaky.”  Kingfisher has ceased operations and its aircraft have been impounded.

“I have legally binding contracts with Kingfisher right now. We got deposits, we rescheduled the aircraft and it is probable at some point we will take the orders out,” COO-Customers John Leahy told ATW, adding that it hopes the troubled carrier gets new investors. “We certainly don’t want to get out [of this contract]. It is a good customer, operates an all-Airbus fleet. I don’t see a reason to give up [yet],” Leahy said.

According to the manufacturer, 97 A380s are in service with nine airlines.


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