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  CROSS SELLING   By Ishita Bagga Cross-selling is the practice of marketing additional complementary products to the customers. It is more prevalent in the financial sector. Credit cards are also sold to people registering for savings accounts. This is an example of cross-selling.                      It is often confused with up selling. Up selling basically means selling an improved version of a product. The buyer has to pay a higher price for the product due to the additional benefits that the improved version offers. It helps to make a sale more profitable for the business and the product more beneficial to the client. But, there’s a difference between upselling and cross selling. It has been shown by the following example: -                      Cross selling examples   AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd. is cross selling its new book named “The world of Airplanes” with its already existing service, i.e., Counseling for Pilot Training. Mc Donald’s offering fries with burger I another exam


  THE IMPORTANCE OF TAGLINE By  Ishita Bagga Almost everyone wants to be remembered in some way or another. Especially for businesses, it is important to be remembered to maintain brand loyalty. One of the ways through which the businesses achieve this target is through the use of taglines. But what exactly is a tagline?? A tagline is a short phrase used in marketing campaigns to convey the value of a brand or its products. It helps in positioning the brand correctly in the minds of the target audience. However, direct information is not conveyed through taglines. They basically appeal to customers on an emotional level and it helps in differentiating the product from other brands. The more you use your tagline, the more it becomes a memorable part of your brand and the more the brand gets recognized among people.                 One of the very famous taglines is “Think Different” by Apple. It differentiate the company's products by emphasizing the company's distinctive appro

4 Good Friends

 *कहानी पूरी जरूर पढ़ना 4 Good Friends  *Must Read the full Story It is an eye-popping story of four close friends from school. Those who have studied up to SSC in the same school.. At that time it was the only luxury hotel in the city. After the SSC exam, they decided that we should go to that hotel and have tea and breakfast. The four of them barely deposited forty rupees, it was a Sunday, and at ten thirty they reached the hotel by bicycle. Dinesh, Santosh, Manish and Praveen started talking while having tea and breakfast. All four of them unanimously decided that after fifty years we will meet again in this hotel on 1st April..   Till then we all should work very hard, it will be interesting to see how much progress has been made in this..     The friend who comes to the hotel later that day will have to pay the hotel bill for that time.       Kalu, the waiter who served him tea and breakfast, was listening to all this, he said that if I stay here then I will wait for you all in thi

Vaping: A Curse or a Boon by Dr. Suchitra Prasad

Vaping: A Curse or a Boon by Dr. Suchitra Prasad [MDS] #Vaping vs Smoking #What does Vaping to your Body? #Is Vaping worse than Smoking? #Can your Lungs Heal from Vaping? #Why is Vaping Unhealthy? #Does Vaping Bad for your Teeth #Can your Lungs Heal from Vaping #How long does nicotine stay in your blood after Vaping #Vaping is worse than smoking Cigarettes #Does Vaping cause anxiety #Does Vaping cause lung cancer #What does Vaping do to your lungs #Pros and Cons of Vaping #Best way to quit Vaping #Does Vaping make you Lose Weight #Vaping while Breastfeeding #Side Effects of Vaping DR. SUCHITRA PRASAD   BDS, MDS.  Tobacco Cessation Specialist  No Smoking No Vaping 🌎   No Smoking No Vaping    #drsuchitraprasad #nosmokingnovaping #cigarettesmoking #tobaccocessationspecialist #quitcigarettes #nosmoking #oralcancer #lungcancer #quitcigarettes #quittobacco #tobacco #smoking #tobaccosmoking #vaping #cigarette #cigar #nosmoking #novaping #no

Face Leadership Challenges and Turn it into a Golden Opportunity By Padmashri Kadam Creative Content Writer

5 Keys to Face Leadership Challenges and Turn it into a Golden Opportunity By Padmashri Kadam Creative Content Writer You might find a Leadership role to be challenging and might feel the journey is tough. Infact this journey is filled with lot of twists and turns, and detours and potholes can throw anyone off their course. It’s quite obvious to think these Challenges as problems but that is not true. These Challenges occur to make you more strong and Face it positively looking it as an Opportunity and not problem. To understand this more deeply here’s the story: In the West Orange, New Jersey, it was a cold December night. Thomas Edison's factory was humming with activity with an effort to create and innovate something new. Work was busy proceeding on a variety of fronts as the great inventor working hard to turn more of his dreams into practical realities.  Although Edison's plant was made of concrete and steel, it was deemed "fireproof" but, it wasn't! On