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Wednesday 24 January 2018

How to Keep yourself Motivated

                                                                                                                Blog By Pallavi Bose 

How to Keep yourself Motivated
Keeping yourself motivated every day is not easy. You might go through ups and downs in your life and these different phases can put you down at some point of time. Also, you might be surrounded around negativity and that can pull you further down in life. And thus it is very important to keep yourself motivated else it will be really difficult for you to survive in life.
Let’s have some of the extremely effective ways to keep yourself motivated –
  1. Keep yourself Buzy – This is one of the most important step to take care if you want to stay motivated. It is because if you have empty mind then your mind will start drifting and it will shift to some unreasonable means and thus after a while you will feel low and demotivated.
  2. Focus on your Goals – This is easily said than done. You should always focus on your goals. Have a clear cut idea on your mind that what are you going to achieve ahead. This will help you to stay focused and thus you will stay motivated and on your path without diverting your attention elsewhere.
  3. Make a Way Forward – This can be a graphical representation or anything which you are comfortable with. Always plan your way ahead. This will give you a clear focus and keep it in your room in front of your bed. This will help to keep yourself motivated and on your toes always.
  4. Keep Regular Checkpoints – In your path you must keep regular checkpoints to keep checking and monitoring yourself. This will help you to keep a tab on yourself and thus you know when you are diverting from your path.
  5. Don’t Listen to People – You must avoid listening to people because that is how you get maximum negativity. People will mostly give you misleading and wrong suggestions and thus maintain a safe distance from them if you want to stay motivated.
  6. Involve yourself in some exercise – This is a must. If your mind and body is moving then you won’t ever feel demotivated. So start going to gym every morning or practice yoga either in your home or at some yoga classes. This will invoke the positive energy in your body.
  7. Do some activity – This is very important. Involve yourself in some activity session which will keep you on your toes. The basic idea is to keep yourself buzy and your day should be completely packed. Otherwise you will again start feeling demotivated.

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