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How to Keep yourself Motivated

                                                                                                                 Blog By  Pallavi Bose  How to Keep yourself Motivated Keeping yourself motivated every day is not easy. You might go through ups and downs in your life and these different phases can put you down at some point of time. Also, you might be surrounded around negativity and that can pull you further down in life. And thus it is very important to keep yourself motivated else it will be really difficult for you to survive in life. Let’s have some of the extremely effective ways to keep yourself motivated – Keep yourself Buzy – This is one of the most important step to take care if you want to stay motivated. It is because if you have empty mind then your mind will start drifting and it will shift to some unreasonable means and thus after a while you will feel low and demotivated. Focus on your Goals – This is easily said than done. You should always focus o