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Friday 28 April 2023

Sample Blog Post

 Sample Blog Post :

Objective : 

An Invitation for all LinkedIn Influencers to Join an Online Course on

"How to Earn $1000 to $5000 from Linkedin,  and Blogging" 


Make sure you do the following before submitting the post. 

1. Keyword Research

2. Good Content Profiling

3. Write a Good Draft

4. Proper use of Hashtag and Keywords

5. Proofreading 

6. SEO and SMM

7. Fine Editing (Chop and Snip)

8. Proper Formatting

Keyword Research :

#Linkedin, #Influncers, #B2B,  #Businesses, #Money,  #Table, #branding #personalbranding #content marketing #growth #leads #marketing #create 

Resources :

A to Z  Tech Dot Com Companies

Google Tools will use  for All New SEO and SMM Team

Common Misconceptions about LinkedIn

Ref Blogs List :  

Tech Dot-Com start-Ups Sample and Example

AviaTech : Aviation + Technology


BlogTech : Blog + Technology

BioTech: Biology + Technology

CabTech: Cab + Technology 

CleanTech: Clean + Technology

DevTech: Development + Technology

DirTech : Directory + Technology 

EdTech: Education + Technology

FinTech: Finance + Technology

FoodTech: Food + Technology

FemTech: Female + Technology


GreenTech: Green + Technology

HealthTech: Health + Technology


InsurTech: Insurance + Technology



LegalTech: Legal + Technology

MediTech: Medical + Technology



PropTech: Property + Technology


RetailTech: Retail + Technology

RegTech: Regulation + Technology



WealthTech: Wealth + Technology

#B2B,  #Businesses, #Money,  #Table, #branding #personalbranding #content marketing #growth #leads #marketing #create 

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