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Saturday 19 February 2022


Work To Win [W2W] 


Work to Win [W2W]

Get Set Ready to Win in Business

Program Overview

Work to Win [W2W] is a Start-Up Training Program that Leads you to Creating and Realizing your Start-Up Goal.The Work to Win [W2W] is a  Business Life Management System for your Smart Business Strategies  and need to make the most of the Techniques to save your precious Time.

Work to Win [W2W]  online Training will help you to Analyze

to  set your own Strengths and Weaknesses, Prioritize, Manage

the Expectations of others  And be more Effective in the Workplace. Work to Win [W2W] Program to Win Helps you Achieve All  your Start-Up Goals.

We Are : 

AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd is an Aviation Start-Up Promoted by

a Wel Travelled Pilot Capt Shekhar and Aviation Professional

Samira Surabhi. AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd is one of the Best

Aviation KPO in Asia Providing Air Charters, Pilot Training,

Aviation HR Services. AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd is India's 1st and only Govt of India Aviation Start-Up of its own kind. As per AltaVista, Bing and Google AirCrews

Aviation Pvt Ltd is

"Asia's Biggest Online Aviation Internship Provider."

Work to Win [W2W] Program

Your Advantage if You are :

1. Willing to find out their Purpose in Life.

2. Willingness   to Identify your Goals and Work on them

3. Be Consistent with Achievements in a fast-moving

Business Environment.

4. Has Trouble meeting Schedules and Deadlines.

5. Work Extra hours regularly just to keep up.

6. Finds it difficult to manage the Demands and Expectations

of others.

Program Duration

6 to 12 weeks

4 Days a Week [T W T F]

Learning Outcome

1. Increased Personal Productivity, Accountability, and


2. Advanced Timely Individual and Team Project Completion

3. Effective communication throughout the organization

4. Reduce your personal and organizational stress.


Participants in Action to Win [W2W]

In The Program You will Learn:

1. Achieve better results through effective Work [W2W]

and clear objectives to win

2. Spend more Time Working toward high-value Goals

3. Manage Inappropriate Requests

4. Understand the needs of different personality styles and how to work with them

5. Achieve a balance between Business Goals and personal Time

6. Set Goals and prioritize them to determine whether activities are Goal-directed

7. Spend less Time putting out a fire every day

You Will Get 

1. Accountability structure to make Daily Announcements and

share Successes and Breakage.

2. Personalized Goal Sheet

3. Personalized Measurement Sheet

4. Committed Accountability Holder

5. Friends Committed to Sharing Their Learnings:

What will You be Trained in?

1. Creating and Updating Your Weekly Review Sheet

2. Conducting monthly reviews.

3. Weekly Training in Creating Your Personal Progress

Dashboard, Including

#Interaction with self and others

#Working on your Goal Sheet

#Work Tasks To Win [W2W]s

Special Features

1. Mindfulness Practice

2. Fitness Sessions for those who want to stay Consistent,

Work out at home, and Train with a group.

3. Technical Training for Techno-challenged people

4. Learning club for holistic development which includes

subjects like- Finance, Parenting, Creativity, Communication

Skills, and more…

5. Weekly sessions by Experts on Important areas of Life.

6. Most importantly, many opportunities to be trained in

Leadership and inspired Community to Work to Win [W2W] to win and beyond.

Effectiveness of Training

You develop a Clear Sense of Purpose, Structure Work

Priorities, Remove Negative Take advantage of Practical

Strategies, Smart Work Tools, and Techniques to develop

Behavior Patterns, and

and implementing an Effective Life Management FrameWork.

Effective Work-Life Management

Helps Professionals make better decisions, meet deadlines and

achieve Your Big Business Goals

Modus Operandi [Approach and Technique]

Online Productivity Training, Course Work, Superleader Hand

Holding, Tribe Support, Large structures, and different types

of Mentor Engagement

Mentor's Team

Our Work to Win [W2W]  Training Team is Consist of Pilots,

Airport Directors, Start-Up Co-Founders, and Venture


See here


Fee:  USD $99   or ₹ 999/- per month

          USD $149 or ₹ 1,499/- for 2 months

          USD $199 or ₹ 1,999/- for 3 months

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Leadership to Build Great Team and Winning Team

Skill ,how improve yours skill ,Is skill is most important than education

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