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Urgently Need Fresh Content Writers

Urgently Need Fresh Content Writers 

Urgently Need Fresh Bloggers / Content Writers 

Content is the "King" is the quote used often in the

Blogging and Digital Marketing World. Since it plays a

crucial role as Blogs & Businesses use this has a

Marketing Strategy that connects all our Blogs and

Brand with Consumers. Thereby increasing the

engagement rate & thereby attracting the target

audience by giving more information about our

Blog Brand.

We Urgently Need very Creative  Content Writing

Professionals who can Write any Content for our

Blog Business needs, the list is  outlined below:


#Books & eBooks  



#Press Releases

#Report Writing

#Resumes / ViSume


#Speech Writing




#Travel Writing

#Social Media Posts

#Product Descriptions

At AirCrews Aviation  Pvt. Ltd. We are looking for

Passionate and Dedicated Media Team for our





#Content Creator


#Freelance Content Writer


#PPT Presenters On Zoom


Location: WFH [ Work From Home]

Employment type: Part Time / Full time

Only Freshers

Age Group : 18 Year To 35 Yars Only

5/6 days working

Job Description:

#Blogger #Content Creator #CopyWriter

#Freelance Content Writer #PPT

Skills Required:

Ability to adopt our Writing Style

Ability to write Good Creative Articles.

The ability to express Subject Knowledge.

Ability to Create Blogging sites. [Non-Tech] 

Have solid Written and Verbal Communication Skills

Are Self-Motivated to complete work Assignments

Possess strong attention to detail

Are able to Multi-Task

Are receptive to feedback on their work

Take initiative to solve problems independently

Are willing to learn new tasks and new software

Can adopt our Writing Style

Have superior research Skills

Are willing to suggest improvements related to  Blog features

Are familiar with the Microsoft Office Suite, including Excel

To Write On the Following Topics [Please do not send your old Articles]

#How to be a Successful Blogger

#What is Blogging and how can I start my own successful Blog?

#What are the basic steps to start a Blog?

#Be a Blogger NOT a Content Writer only

#Why all successful Blogger and Content Writers are super Rich

#Is it possible to start a Blog for Free?

#How do I create a Blog?

#What is the best site to create a free Blog?

#Blogging SKILLS that Boost your Executive Presence and help you grow in your CAREER

#Differences Between a Blogger and a Content Writer

#Why  NON branded Blogger and a Content Writers are less successful not Super Rich

#Why  Most of the  Content Writers are Poor and Bloggers are Successful  and Super Rich

#How do I become a good Content Writer, and how long does it take?

#How can a Content Writer become a Technical Writer?

#How do I become an SEO Content Writer?

#How do I become a successful Blogger and Content Writer?

#I have no interest in Writing. Can I still become a Blogger?

#What is Content Writing? How can one become a Content Writer?

#Can you suggest me any job as a Writer? As a Content Writer, Blogger, anything?

#What should I do to become a successful Blogger? 

#What is the difference between a Blogger and a Content Writer?

#Does Blogger require a Content Writer?

#Planning to become a Blogger, what is an effective way to become an excellent and enticing Writer?

#How can a Blogger become a Content Writer for an MNC or e-commerce?

For More Topics Click Here 


Send us Your following Info on WhatsApp  

+91 9977513452  

Dept :  Content Writers

1. Full Name-----------------

2. Date of Birth----------------

3. City -------------------

4. Gender --------------  

5. Age --------------

6. Univ / Ins  --------------------

7. Email :

8. WhatsApp :

9. Linkedin :

[Min 100+ Connections must]

10 Education : 

Note :

Fresher Bloggers / Content Writers without   an Active Linkedin and Quora Id need not apply

#career #leadership #executivepresence #skillsforlife

Fresher Bloggers / Content Writers  Only

All following sites  for Content Writers

See List : 

Top Best Places to  Promote and Sharing Blog n Events

Lesson for Business Leaders (LessonfromBusinessLeader) Profile Image | Linktree

Lesson for Business Leaders

Leadership to Build Great Team and Winning Team


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