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Sunday 20 February 2022

Best Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

The Best Ways to Increase Productivity  at Work

What is the best way to Increase Productivity

Meet up with your coworkers. You will be more Productive.

Do Your Heavy Lifting When You're at Your Best. ...

Stop Multitasking 

Prepare a To-Do List Each Night. 

Cut Down Your To-Do List.  

Delegate Properly.  

Eliminate Distractions 

Plan Phone Calls 

Break up Work Periods With Exercise.

Here are some simple but effective strategies for increasing your Productivity at work:

#Set a Timer: 

Always set a Timer for each of your tasks you do in Office / Home.

#Be Efficient: 

Consider how your business is currently operating, and be open to the potential of changing the way you work. In the workplace, Productivity, innovation and efficiency are always key.

#Create a Work-Life Balance: 

You should always take out some Time for your personal life. Regardless of how busy you are, its always good to put some Time in pursuing your hobbies, for relaxation and spending Time with your family. Otherwise, your Professional life will inevitably end up suffering.

#Take Regular Breaks: 

Taking scheduled breaks can actually help improve concentration. You can’t always be working at optimum Productivity. Instead, you should shoot for working in short bursts at your most Productive Times.

#Eliminate all Distractions: 

Distractions should be avoided at the workplace. This include email notifications, multiple web browser on the screen and phone (Social Media) etc. We should always prioritize our work accordingly.

#Love what You do: 

Enjoying what you do is the ultimate way to increase your Productivity.

#Follow the "Two-Minute Rule: 

Entrepreneur Steve Olenski recommends implementing the "two-minute rule" to make the most of small windows of Time that you have at work. The idea is this: If you see a task or action that you know can be done in two minutes or less, do it immediately.


Research has shown that midday exercise boosts Productivity in the workplace. Take a short walk at lunch to maximize your Productivity.

#Learn to say No: 

People often say yes when they should say no. There are many reasons why we do this—like not wanting to disappoint someone. But saying yes to everything puts a huge strain on your Time and Productivity. Do this enough and it’ll kill the success of your daily routine.


Complete your most important task, first thing in the morning. Whichever activity you are dreading the most is probably the one you need to complete first thing in the morning.

See an Example

In Canada, a new school year begins in May.

Since three months ago, I have been preparing classes to Teach. Our team meets once a week to solidify the class material and create a unique classroom for primary school children. Students will learn meditation to relieve the anxiety and trauma caused by the corona pandemic.

I am part of a team of four fellow Teachers planning this course. Each Teacher has a different career and life experience. This is what helps us to be more Productive.

The incident happened during the meeting held on Friday. The eldest of the four Teachers said this as soon as he entered the meeting.

"Everyone, it seems that my abilities have reached this point. While preparing for class, I realized that I lacked this ability."

I understand the heart of this Teacher very well. Despite our best efforts, don't we all have Times when things don't work out, as this Teacher said, the more I work, the more I realize I lack potential. Then another Teacher consoled us.

"No. Each of us may have to combine our skills one by one. We can't do it alone, so we're doing it together."

We all nodded loudly for a moment.

Then we openly and honestly shared our opinion in the meeting that day and praised each other's shortcomings. And after a week of planning and classes, we decided to meet again the next week.

After the meeting, I reflected.

Teacher A: A logician and a detail-oriented Teacher.

Teacher B: Has a warm heart and a good understanding of the psychology of Students.

Teacher C: She's not a big talker, but she puts a lot of effort into class material. When our team's opinion is lost, it makes a sound decision.

And I help to end the meeting efficiently. SomeTimes, I suggest brilliant ideas.

I got to know through this project. You cannot do great things on your own. In other words, results only come when diverse people come together, put their heads together and do in-depth research. None of us is insignificant. All four members have different strengths and abilities. I can't do much. Since I was disabled, I had no choice but to listen to my fellow Teachers. I am grateful to my colleagues for making up for my shortcomings.

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