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Thursday 9 July 2020

Alfa virtual startups 2020

Alfa virtual startups

Flying - crews & AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd. Cordially invite  you to the Alfa Virtual startup 2020
Join us to embrace yourself
Hope the readers are doing well

Do what you do so well that they want to see it again and bring their friends. 

Considering today’s tiring life, people are keener on escaping the reality once in a while to enjoy the freshness associated with travel. Indian tourism and hospitality industry has been bustling with opportunities. The nation’s rich cultural heritage and natural diversity not only attract thousands of foreign tourists to the country but also exert a pull on the budding entrepreneurs to explore the field.

I am Ashima Sharma; an HR student. I'm organising a startup based on HR services. It's a challenging work in COVID-19 period.
We will be delivering feedback, responsible for shaping much of what we know about great leadership in Hotels and Tourism and all other works included in the respective field.

Ashima Sharma

Contact :

Ashima Sharma
Asst. Head Virtual Startups

Swarnima Singh
Head startups 
+91 8934050242
Aircrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

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