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Wednesday 15 July 2020

Alfa Virtual Job fest 2020 Proposal

Alfa Virtual Job fest 2020 Proposal
AirCrews Aviation private limited is organizing a Virtual job fair in the name of Alfa Virtual job fest 2020.
We are here to provide various job opportunities at one place for job seekers. Being in the office isn’t as necessary when you can email, chat, and join video conferences anywhere in the world.
During the coronavirus pandemic, job search seems like a near impossible task. But practicing social distancing and looking for a job without leaving your home is possible, thanks to virtual career fairs. 
Employers are seeking to hire people online and without the need to meet with the potential applicant physically. The employer can conduct the hiring process virtually through the exchange of messages or through video conferencing. Through a virtual job fair, job seekers will have an easier approach for seeking their next new career as searching will be easy with just a few mouse clicks and a few keystrokes.
Easy Access
Perhaps the biggest benefit of virtual career fairs (especially when compared to in-person career fairs) is that virtual events eliminate the obstacle of geography. Candidates can join your virtual career fair from anywhere with the click of a button, making it easier to connect with ideal talent outside your immediate region. The convenience of a virtual career fair -- especially when held over the course of a few hours -- makes it easy for busy job seekers to participate. Anything you can do to make the recruiting process easier for your candidates will improve your results.
Cost Saving
Compared to in-person events, the cost of virtual career fairs is dramatically lower. Virtual events have no venue fees, there is no travel involved, and they require much less staff to execute. You can host a virtual career fair with just one or two recruiters (depending on the number of candidates you expect).
Time saving
Having an in-person career fairs can take weeks or even months. From securing a venue to planning schedules to marketing the event, in person events can be overwhelming. Virtual career fairs, on the other hand, can be set up at lightning speeds in comparison, taking less than an hour to set up a virtual event or your recruiting team.
More Connections
Virtual career fairs allow you to have multiple, private conversations at once. Since everything takes place online, can chat with multiple candidates at once. This makes it easy to make more connections with viable candidates during a virtual career fair than you could ever dream of making at an in-person event where you can only talk to one person at a time.
The Alfa Virtual Job fest 2020 will offer virtual job vacancies hosted by AirCrews Aviation, starting from 15th to 25th July 2020. The participants will come across the best job opportunities. Everyone can attend regardless of location, the job fair will be held online and completely free to attend.
For more details regarding Alfa Virtual Job fest 2020 Contact us at:

Manojna Akula[MBA]
Business Development Manager[Project Head]
AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd.
Alfa Virtual Job Fest 2020

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