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Monday 4 December 2017

Ways to Monetize Your Social Media

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Ways to Monetize Your Social Media

Evolution of internet took a rapid pace and now in the present generation there are very few houses that don't have any internet connection and most of the population do have an access to internet connection and connected to a various type of people through social media sites such as Facebook which is the most used social media site till date by all the age groups from the age of 10-65 or even more than that and the other social media sites are Twitter, youtube ,LinkedIn all these sites are used to make money for their livelihood. Do you want to know how? It's not that simple as looks there takes a lot of hard work and dedication in this too. Now the companies are coming out into the social media with their brands and broadcasting and turning them into profits. If you have a good amount of social media followers and want to turn the social presence into a bonafide stream of revenue here are the few ways you can actually follow and try making money out of them. is such platform that welcomes all the members who are active on their social media sites and could earn money and they get benefitted with nice experience of being a part of this company. Especially the woman who is at home can take this wonderful opportunity. There are a number of blogs for this company such as where all the motivation blogs can be written and help readers to guide on a rightful path, place where to get a new talent, this blog is for recognising those women who have come up and reached so many things and others to learn from them there is no dream that cannot come true if a girl really wished to achieve. Many other sites such as this recognises all the talented woman in the business field and the blogs related to a tech-savvy woman who are aware each and every detail of the newest technology released in the market.   Educating your followers there is a wide scope of e-learning nowadays and people are preferring them rather going and attending classes this is saving a allot of time and money as well.  Reviews of the products there can be people out there who can be technology savvy and try to buy the most advanced products that are released in the market but they may not be knowing how they actually work or is it really worth buying them so here comes the role of people who review ion the newly released products it could be gadgets or cosmetics or books anything. Companies also hire people to promote their products and it's two-way beneficial to you tuber or critic Sell your art, there must be people who are very food in painting, quilting or any handicraft that can actually be sold in the social media all they have to do is click a picture of the work done by them and post in their social media sites and then promote your work through the constant touch with those people who understand that art, those category people will, of course, be interested in buying and even have a good word of mouth regarding your work and the chain goes on. Promoting and selling online is the way to earn and save money. If you have a good number of followers on Instagram, facebook you can sell and promote your product directly through these sites and even take orders from them and customise orders are trending so as to be more profitable you can personally know the interests of your client and provide service that they will order next time from you for any other need they want. There are a number of Bloggers based on travelling, food, economy, fashion designing, philosophies, art, photography, adventures, etc. All they get to do just write up all the activities that they have experienced or willing to share their thoughts to the wide range of people out their and help them to have an idea regarding the events or anything. The more the number of readers the more they get paid.


1. Post Self Clicked Photos to Earn more
2. Use Blogs / Mobile Apps to earn more
3. Update Interactive comments in other profile as per the pic / comments / situation / time
4. Complete Goals Daily: Posting, Sharing & Listing

BBA Second Year, Bhavan's

By: Akkumahanthi Sowmya
      BBA Second year, Bhavan's
Twitter: @sowmya_12

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                                                                 Blog By     Akkumahanthi Sowmya

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