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Tuesday 26 December 2017

Lubna Anjum

"Life is not only about winning and achieving but rather exploring, learning and getting en experience of a lifetime for her."

Lubna Anjum is a person who believes in following what her heart says taking along with the suggestions from her mind. Belongs from Sultanpur, UP, has been born and brought up in the capital city of India. Having stepped into her twenties, studies Journalism from Kalindi College, Delhi University, her aim is not only to become a successful person one day but also a better person by bringing about a change in society - against the existing stereotypes and the so called taboos. Having stepped in the media field believes that media platforms can influence people and create networks easily. She loves to read, write, interact with people and explore new things. Believes in practically trying things after gaining their theoritical knowledge and considers internships as the best option available. She has an optimistic approach towards life - whatever happens in life has a meaning attached to it. She is a great leader and very well manages any hastle situation. Having equipped with sufficient knowledge, outspoken nature and diligent and polite temperament can win hearts. She has an inclination towards art and creativity and tries to innovate with things around. She possesses a straightforward and clear outlook towards life and considers a few failures as steps towards a brighter future. 

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