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Saturday 1 February 2014

Naukri Dot Com

How good is it for an employee of a big corporation to taper to unjust practices just to reach his/her target? 

Well, I have got a real life example by an employee of a famous job portal, 

I, on behalf of my company, AeroSoft Corporation, purchased a subscription from this job Portal of 250 postings in October 2013 . In the last 3 months, I was able to consume some 100 postings while the rest were available. 

Now, I hear of some new Business Manager, Ms. Nidhi, in the Noida region who joined this job portal. She calls me one fine day and tells me that she has to complete her target for the fiscal and asked me If she can republish my old postings to complete her target. 

As this was not harming me in any way, I told her to go ahead.

However, to my shock, I later came to know that she also used my remaining postings and that too with the old Human Resources personnel's contact no. In no time, all my postings were consumed. It caused me a heavy losses in many ways. 

On top of it, the Ex-HR Manager personnel whose contact no. was provided, was fired by our company sometime back for some reason. Now, she started getting calls from candidates. She calls me and threatens to sue me if I don't get her number erased from the job postings.

I had to go through all this financial loss & mental torture just because one selfish executive of this so-called famous organization used me (a dedicated client) to complete her job goals.

I am going to write a mail to the CEO of this company complaining about this incident and I vouch that I will never ever buy any subscription from this Naukri Dot Com job portal ever again. 

Neither will I advise anybody to so the same.

This selfish employee not only created troubles for me but also made her company lose one client. Hope this should be a learning lesson for her, through a hard way. 

   Happy Landings ..........

Capt Shekhar Gupta
AeroSoft Corp
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