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Tuesday 17 April 2018


Joining at Alfabloggers

Job Description 

*    Can think out of the Box,different and Innovative.
*    No prior Experience needed
*    Only Understands various approaches to writing 
*    A firm grasp of English grammar and syntax rules 
*    Good vocabulary 
*    Creativity 
*    Excellent communication skills, oral and written 
*    A Passion for the English language 
*    Understanding the process and dynamics of fiction-writing / editing   
       (plot, characterization, pace) 
*    Basic computer skills(MS Word, MS Excel, Internet browser)
*    Someone who is optimistic and has situational awareness 


*    Working on our App and Blog based Projects 
*    Editing content to Start your Venture
*    Substantive or developmental editing to improve upon the plot itself and restructure content wherever necessary 
*    Adhere to International style standards as well as  Job's Requirements 


*    You are equipped with amazing  Social Media and Comm Skills.
*    You are a good writer.
*    You are an avid reader.   [ Please Read all our App / Blogs ] 
*    You are organized and efficient. 
*    You have intelligent decision-making skills. 
*    You can meet challenges head-on. 
*    You are adaptable. 
*    You can multitask. 
*    You are confident and focused. 
*    You have good communication skills. 
*    You can spot talent and assess skills according to requirements. 
*    You can work under pressure.  
*    You love working in a team. 
*    You get along well with people. Active on Fb, Twtr and Linkedin [ Please Join our Team ] 

If All above good for you 

Go Ahead and  Start Today 

Step 1:

You need to create you Bio (In third Person form) and send your 6 to 7 good pictures. 

See Sample here :

Step 2

You have to have your social Medial Accounts like 


Step 3

Create your Gmail Accounts like and or

Keep Same password 

Step 4

You have to join all our groups and pages on FB

Step 5

To Know more about AlfaBloggers please follow our 6 days Online Training Program.

Step 6

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