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Co-Founders for FinTech Start-Ups

Co-Founders for FinTech Start-Ups We are Looking for Female Finance Experts who wants to Own their  Own Online Blog based Finance Business Start Up with us and  explore new Domain for growth. All our FinTech Start-Ups are Low Cost, No Frill, Win-Win and very Different FinTech Start-Ups.  Investment   :  Min INR 10,000 to Max INR 10,000,00 Only Minimum ROI   :   Min INR 5,000 to Max INR 5,000,00 Only [ Per Month ]  Services :  Forex Credit Card  Personal Loan  Home Loan  Bank  Education Loan Wallet Car Loan  Accounts  Deposits  Fixed Deposit Mutual Fund Job Description :  This Position designs and prepares Financial Reports and Analyzes  results. This requires an understanding of the activities being  Performed with respect to Accounting theory and Company Policies as  needed for the Position. • Assist in preparation and input of Financial plans to meet the needs  of the Department • Perform Budget versus actua