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Saturday 5 January 2019

Welcome to My Blogs !

Welcome to My Blogs !  

This is my Personal Space where I Share my Life Experiences. I used to write a Personal Diary every day in my Flying Days and growing up years. I would log my #Daily Activities, my #Emotions, and #Feelings. It would help me clear my head. I have all those diaries safely stored, and I go back to them and smile at those #Innocent Years of #My Life.

I feel all kids should maintain a personal diary. (and adults too if time permits:) I lost that habit in between.

I started this Blog in the year 2011. I was in Toronto, Canada blessed with a ew Task as Mission Member of Mission To Canada (I had visited Canada in the year 2011 to attend Mission To Canada).

Distant #Relatives, #Neighbors, #Friends of #Neighbors and every #Tom, #Dick and #Harry  in the World had been suggesting me to have a Blog and followed by a Book,  since the day I become a #Pilot.  None of them ever told me the struggles of being a Blogger. Once a #Blogger, I felt so angry with all those people that I wanted to strangle them with my 

bare hands. However, I took to writing, a considerably less lethal Option!

#Writing is #cathartic for me. It helps me give a #Positive #Direction to my #Thoughts  and #Feelings. When I #Write, I never keep the #Audience in my mind. I let my mind play 
its own raga. Hope you like my musings, and it’s perfectly ok if you don’t How did the book ‘Be an Aviator Not a Pilot’ come along?

I traveled extensively in USA and Canada and learnt a lot. I wanted to capture those  #Flying #Aviation and #Travel #Experiences.

I also observed some #Fascinating development Pilestones of my #Flying #Career. I was #Amazed at the Pilot’s ability to outwit an #Adult. All #Pilots do that. Mine was not a #Ninja or something. 

I clicked a lot of pics, but I wanted to do more. And that’s how came the idea of a Fiction comic Book.

It was pure Aviation love to capture the memories of my quickly growing up Aviation and save them for posterity that I resolved to write a comic book on the subject.

However, this book ‘Be an Aviator Not a Pilot’ is a grown-up version of my #Pilot #Friends. While writing the character traits, I was writing the traits that I would want my Aviators to have. I did give Fiction Names to one of the characters.

Another aspect of this book is My Travel Love. The Book is about my Traveling Experiences in USA,London and Canada. The characters are Fictional, but the Places are Real at times. 

And the last important theme of the book is ‘Friends.’ I have the deepest gratitude for some of my best friends who live in Canada, USA, London and who made my stay there a 
memorable experience. Incidentally, my best Pilot Friends  from all Over   (I have a character in the book that reflects her hospitality and care) stays in USA, Canada, London. 

How did you stumble upon writing?

I was on a sabbatical in USA. I was trying to give a more meaningful direction to my career. I aspired to have a career where I would get up every morning excited for work.

I visited new places in USA, Canada and London, read wonderful books from the library   and did soul searching. 

To let go of yourself in the moment so that you can find yourself is also one of the themes of my book. Like they say – sometimes in life, you must step back to move forward. 

Those years of stepping back from my #Career helped in understanding myself and giving a better direction and meaning to my #Career.

O you made it till the End ! 

I know I write very long posts. But that’s me And I would not like to trade it off with anything.

If you happen to read my Books / Story  do Share Your Thoughts / Reviews and Feedback.

Have a Blessed Day Ahead!

Happy Landings .....


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