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Co-Author / Book Writer / Content Writer

Co-Author / Book Writer / Content Writer Looking for Smart Bloggers Motivational Bloggers  Blogger /  Content Writer Co-Author Project : New Paper Book on Career Counseling | Career Guidance | Career Planning Pages : 400 Aprox MRP : INR 1199 [ Sale @799 ]  Age : 21 to 35 Years Exp : Freshers Only Revenue Sharing : 70% - 30%   Min Income : INR 2000 PM for 6 Months  Investment : 70% - 30 % [ Aprox 15k - 10k]  Needed at the end of the Book Writing work  is a App and Blog based Start-Up of AirCrews  Aviation  Pvt  Ltd is  Looking for New and Fresh, Smart, Creative, Innovative and Tech Savvy Graduate Females who wants to share their Knowledge As Co-Author Blogger /  Content Writer / Counselor in Your Own City. Your Blogs will be followed by different Pilots /  Students and Youth mostly. This will help Students to choose their Career so that they can be Great Doctors, Great Engineers, Great Pilots and other Great Professionals Tomorrow.